10 Useful Tips to Clean Your Car

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Toothbrush Technique

Old toothbrushes are perfect for getting rid of the embedded dirt and other grime. Whether the gunk is on the dashboard or between the seats, a toothbrush offers you that extra reach you need to get your car clean with very little effort.

Olive Oil

It might be hard to believe, but rubbing a light amount of olive oil onto the leather seats and dashboard gives your car the extra gleam and shine that we all love. However, do not use too much or too often, or else it can make the surface grimy and greasy.

Cautious Use of Steel Wool

Steel wool can be very useful for cleaning windows if used carefully. Do not use it on the mirrors or painted surfaces. Be cautious when you use it on stuck-on gunk or for buffing certain marks out as it can also leave nasty scratches.

Carpet Cleaning

Often, car mats can be a nightmare to clean. If you have carpeted ones, then the easy solution is to put some stain remover on them and just toss them in the washing machine. Most of the dirt and stains will come out without you having to make any effort.

Water, Wiper, and Windshield

If your wiper blades seem to smear water across your windshield, you need to rub a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the rubber part of the wiper blades. This technique helps them run smoother across the windshield and keeps them from smearing.

Use an Old Tool

Take an old tool that has a dull, thin end such as a screwdriver and put a piece of cloth over the top. Use the tool to clean any small crannies and nooks in your car, like on the armrests. You can push the gunk out and vacuum it up.

The Amazing Coffee Filters

Coffee filters have multiple uses in helping you clean your car. You can clean the vents with them. Put a little oil on the filters to rub your car down and make it shine. You can also put water and vinegar on it to get the stains out.

Making It Shine

If you want your car to shine, all you have to do is buy some conditioner that has lanolin, spread it on a cloth, and wipe down the outside of your car. The conditioner will give your vehicle a nice shiny finish that looks great.

Cleaning Windows

When cleaning your windows, make sure you roll the windows down a bit so that you can clean the very top area. Usually, people forget or ignore this part of the window, and it can get gross and dirty. The suggested practice is to start from the top and work your way down so that dirty water does not stay behind.

The Toothpaste Trick

Toothpaste is not just beneficial for your teeth; you can spread it on your grimy headlights and then wash the toothpaste off after several minutes. You will be surprised at how effective a layer of toothpaste is in making your headlights look brand new.