How to Restore Your Car’s Interior

A clean car interior not only looks appealing to you, but it is also better for your health and the health of your passengers. The complete interior restoration job involves thoroughly vacuuming the car, removing the floor panels and inner door panels, entirely cleaning the inside with a solvent or other cleaning solution, taking out the old seats, and re-installing the new parts you have ordered. Moreover, you also have to clean cautiously and restore smaller parts like the sun visors and glove compartment.

how to restore cars interior

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1. Seating

If the interior of the car suffers from a tear in the seat upholstery, it can be repaired easily by you. All that needs to be done is to buy an upholstery needle and strong thread, which can be found in most sewing supply stores. The upholstery should have some stretch in the fabric, and you can mend the tear yourself. Though it will not look pristine, it will prevent further tearing. An alternative method is to call your local auto junk yard or salvage to see if they have a matching seat for your model of car. If they do, you can ask them to install it for you for a few extra bucks.

2. Carpets and Mats

Dirty feet can actually damage the car floor, but with a little elbow grease and the right tools, you can make the floor look as clean as new. You should remove the rubber mats and wash them with warm, soapy water. Use a stiff nylon brush to remove the excess muck and then allow the mats to dry fully. To clean the carpet, you can use liquid carpet cleaner and a stiff brush. The dirt needs to be loosened first and it can then be removed effortlessly from the carpet. Another method is to go for a steam vacuum that will suck up the muck you have released by scrubbing.

3. Steering Wheel

The leather-wrapped steering wheel is most typically used. Often, the dye of the wheel is worn through in spots, and the wheel is quite dirty. Since leather is sewn on, it is vital not to damage the threads or the external covering will come off. Firstly, spray the leather cleaner directly or on to a clean, soft cloth. Then, wipe the dirty area until it is properly clean. Sometimes, dirt can hide in between the leather grains; to get rid of it, use a soft bristle toothbrush in a slow circular direction.

4. Further Cleaning

When restoring the interior of a car, the area where the door connects to the body is often forgotten. Give that junction a wipe every time you sit in the car. Furthermore, lubricate the hinges with white lithium grease. Whenever you are using a cleaning product on plastic or fabric, do not apply it directly to the surface. Instead, first coat the rag and then wipe; otherwise, the concentrated cleaner would discolor the material. When buying car restoring equipment, you can visit the local salvage yards to see what is available before you dig into any used-car project.