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Why is my AC Compressor Clutch Not Engaging: Things You Need to Know

Whether you’re in a tropical country or not, having a functioning air conditioning system in your car is always a necessity. The aircon is very helpful in controlling moisture and humidity within your vehicle, keeping the interior in good condition.

why is your ac compressor clutch not engaging

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Mainly, we need an AC in hot weathers. Today, we will be discussing this question: why is your AC compressor clutch not engaging? But before we answer the question, here are some things you should know first.

How Does It Work

how does ac compressor work

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Now, before you get your AC compressor clutch repaired or checked, it is essential that you know how it works. That can help you avoid scams and false diagnosis which can lead to further damage.

The AC compressor is just one of the many components that make your air conditioner work. And without a functioning compressor clutch, your AC compressor will not be able to do much either.

In the AC compressor clutch is also a string of components that make it work. Once you activate your car’s AC, your compressor clutch pulley will start rotating the compressor clutch hub. There’s also the compressor belt riding along the pulley.

The compressor clutch hub then attaches itself to the compressor shaft. While the two are rotating, these create suction and discharge. On the other hand, the compressor belt is what forces the clutch pulley to turn.

In turn, this is why your car’s clutch coil pulls the hub against the pulley. All in all, this whole process is what happens inside your AC compressor when you turn it off or on.

So, Why Is My AC Compressor Clutch Not Engaging?

There might be a lot of factors that affect this. However, we have gathered two of the most common reasons why your AC compressor clutch might not be engaging:

  • It might be low on refrigerant

If you think that this is the cause of your AC compressor clutch’s problem, it is best not to use DIY kits. Hot wiring the low-pressure switch into engaging your clutch will only solve the problem temporarily. In the long run, it might only worsen the problem.

Only use a recharge kit and connect it to the low-pressure port. Then, start your engine and the AC system, setting it to HI or at max. While the AC is running at max, carefully add some refrigerant.

Your radiator fans will turn the refrigerant to the liquid. And that is how you add more refrigerant into your system.

  • Or, it might be low on coolant

While the refrigerant is what’s responsible for cooling the car’s interior, the coolant is the one responsible for heating the car’s engine. It is also the one responsible for cooling the car’s engine.

When your vehicle is low on coolant pressure, it can be another reason for your AC compressor clutch not to engage. If there’s a leakage in your system, this can cause moisture and air to infiltrate. Coolant combined with moisture produces acid or sludge.

With this, you can either use octane boosters or Freon refrigerants.

Whichever of the two might be the cause; it is best to check with professionals if you are not too sure. A lack in any of these two can cause permanent damage to your compressor or AC system.

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have sufficient amount of coolant and refrigerant in your AC system.

Wrapping It Up

If it isn’t the carburettor or the compressor, then it might be the compressor clutch. Remember, it is critical that you know your way through your engines if you can help it. Moreover, it is also essential to know what the real problem is.

Before buying a new replacement part or having your car “repaired”, understand first what went wrong. It can help you make ideal decisions. And if ever it is your AC compressor clutch that is defective, don’t worry. It is nothing that cannot be fixed by professionals!

Steven K. Galloway