How to Find the Best 6×9 Speakers for Your Cars 2017

Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime 6 x 9 Inch 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial Speaker - Set of 2

Your car speakers will reflect what kind of car owner you are. I’ve already experienced riding a vehicle with bad speakers. They’re too loud on my ear drums, or they are making vibrations on the car seat. On the other hand, there are super small speakers that strain my ear so that I can hear.

Either way, both are bad. It is very important that you take note of the different factors to consider when choosing car speakers. The sound quality of your car speakers should be your top priority. Because if it doesn’t, then that defeats the purpose of having a speaker in your car, right?

Find the best speakers for you and your car meticulously. This will help you enjoy your driving and your music more. Today, we will be giving you tips on how to find the best 6x9 speakers for your car. And to help jumpstart your hunt, we also featured several reviews on a few car speaker brands.

Top 9 Best 6x9 Speakers For Your Cars

Buyer's Tips: 6x9 Speakers Considerations

Check Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a 6x9 speaker is measured by its output depending on the power it receives. So it’s very important that you take note how much power your car can produce. Does your car have a low (15 watts RMS/channel) or a high power system (16 watts RMS/channel or higher)?

Sensitivity can also mean the speaker’s loudness. This can be measured in decibels or dB. The sensitivity of a speaker may vary depending on whether the place it is in is echoing or non-echoing. For your 6x9 speakers, make sure that the sensitivity is good and just right. Your car’s material reverberates sound easily. Thus, having a sensitive speaker can enhance your music’s reverb effect.

Power handling

Power-handling just means how much power your 6x9 speakers can handle. This is measured by watts. Take note of the power system available in your car and a speaker’s power handling capacity. The RMS should indicate how much power your speaker can handle.

Some speakers can only handle so much power that they incur damage if it’s too much. And some other speakers need a lot of power that the sound quality might be affected negatively if they do not receive enough.​

Although 6x9 speakers are quite powerful, there are cases that it blows. Be sure to weigh in the power that your speakers will use. Decide carefully if it’s practical or if it’s too weak or too strong.​​

However, also take note that your car amplifier should be compatible with the power handling of your car speaker. Ideally, the power handling of your car speakers should be close to the output of your external amplifier.​


The size of your car should be proportional to the size of your speaker. Your 6x9 speakers are already specified in size. However, there are some instances where the measurements are not accurate. You’ll later find out in the product review section that there are some speakers that don’t fit in nicely.

The built-in slots for car speakers are directly affected by the size of the car itself. Though you may feel like you can make the speaker fit in the slot, do not force it. You can either just damage your car interior or the speaker.​

size 6 9 speakers

Also, note that the size of a speaker affects it overall loudness and output. Of course, if you want bigger output from your speaker, you to choose the bigger one.

Speaker material

This is one of the most overlooked factor: speaker material. A lot of people jump into the specs, size or speaker type already. However, taking note of the material used for your car speakers can greatly affect its audio quality. Does the cone use paper? Polyethylene? Or metal?

Check the Bass

Probably, the most important part of your 6x9 speakers is the amount of bass it produces. Cars are machines that are made from the material that resonates sound very well. Therefore, having a good bass is essential.

When you’re looking for the bass quality of your speakers, be sure to not just check the power of the bass. Some car owners would just like to listen a strong pumping sound and consider it as a good one. However, there’s more to that when checking the bass.​

With that said, make sure that your bass doesn’t sound broken. A strong bass for your music is good, but having a clean sound for it makes it even better. The blend of the music from your car’s speakers should be crisp but also loud. This is a sign of a good bass that’s efficiently enhancing your music.​

Some car speakers also have loud basses but fail in other areas. An example of these areas would be the noise-reduction. 6x9 speakers are quite on the bigger side of speakers. Hence, the power of it is also stronger. However, having a powerful speaker can strain the internal components.​

As a result, noises such as hissing and buzzing may come from your speaker. This is one of the most common problems that you’ll encounter with a 6x9 speaker. Be sure to be on the lookout for these symptoms. Your music will be inefficiently played if your speakers are broken. Also, the bass would be a total disaster and would lose all its enhancing effect.​

Top 9 Best 6x9 Speakers Reviews

#1 – Rockford Fosgate R169X3

Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime 6 x 9 Inch 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial Speaker - Set of 2

The Rockford Fosgate R169X3 is a sleek speaker that comes with a silk dome design. It has a great rubber surround which lets the tone reverberate nicely. Furthermore, this adds another layer of protection to the surround.

The R169X3 also has a vacuum polypropylene cone with an integrated tweeter crossover. You wouldn’t have to worry mounting it too since the grilles and other hardware is already included.​


  • Sound is great
  • Straightforward speakers
  • Has a loud volume despite its size


  • Can have a distortion effect if you play it with low frequencies
  • Quite small in size

#2 – Kenwood KFC-6965S

Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way 400W Speakers, Pack of 2

The Kenwood KFC-6965S is a great 3-way speaker that runs at 400 Watts. Similar to the other speakers, it comes with a polypropylene cone tweeter. The speakers have great sensitivity, and the bass works brilliantly as well.

For the design, it has a cloth-like surround with a hard surface for extra durability. Therefore, it’s a great pair to have on your deck that can withstand that heat on a summer day.​


  • Strong bass sounds
  • The sound is crisp
  • Has a very cheap price range


  • Tweeter can sound a little harsh sometimes

#3 – Pioneer TS-A6995R

Pioneer TS-A6995R Car Speaker - Set of 2 (1 pair) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

One of the Pioneer’s selling points is its products have great durability. Since durability is a big thing when it comes to car components, Pioneer focused on the material and resistance of its speakers.

For example, its cone material features a multilayer mica matrix while its surround is an elastic polymer. The voice coil, which is one of the most sensitive parts of the speaker, is also designed to be resistant to high temperature.​


  • Increased sensitivity
  • Sound is clear
  • The new mica matrix cone design


  • Bass feature isn’t the best quality especially if turn the volume up
  • Prone to distortion

#4 – JBL GTO938

JBL GTO938 6 x 9-Inch 3-Way Loudspeaker

JBL has been a staple among speakers for over 50 years now. This brand hasn’t fallen short of what it tries to do. It retains its principles of great sound quality and convenience.

The JBL GTO938 has a powerful performance through its low-impedance speaker voice coils.

Furthermore, this product uses a tweeter that is edge-driven. It also has a crossover network that transitions smoothly from woofer and tweeter.​


  • Powerful performance
  • Easy to install
  • Has a rich, deep bass
  • 3-way speakers gives it the best sound quality


  • Its wirings have questions of durability
  • Might be incompatible with weaker head units

#5 – Infinity Reference X REF-9603ix

Infinity Reference X REF-9603ix 6"x9" 3-way car speakers

The Infinity Reference X REF-9603ix has a butyl rubber speaker surround and an edge-driven dome. Along with this, it has a super tweeter for high-frequency reproduction. This product also has a Plus One woofer technology. This technology aims to maximize the entire surface area of the cone.

Moreover, the Infinity Reference works well without an amp. It does, however, become much better in sound quality when used with any with a 4-ohm operation. This is because of its 3-ohm impedance feature.​


  • The new grilles give the speakers added protection
  • Very efficient speakers that play at 94 dB
  • Produces a crisp and clear sound
  • Minimal sound distortion


  • The sound can be extremely high-pitched, this can be quite harsh to the ear
  • Not the best when it comes to producing bass sounds

#6 – ALPINE SPR-69


The ALPINE SPR-69 comes with a unique High Amplitude Multi Roll (HAMR) which gives it consistent cone movement and added an extension. Also, the dome tweeter of the SPR-69 has a swivelling mechanism that produces quality highs.

It also has a strong bass response. This is caused by its multi-layer hybrid fiber cone.​


  • Strong power supply with a peak of 600W
  • New design of its grille gives the best protection to the woofer
  • Good volume
  • Generates a good treble even at a higher volume


  • Doesn’t hold much bass compared to other speakers on this list
  • There are issues when it comes to installation

#7 – Polk Audio DB691

Polk Audio DB691 6-by-9-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair, Silver)

The first thing you’ll see with the Polk Audio DB691 is its shiny and sleek frame. This is an effect of its 1-inch liquid-cooled composite dome tweeter. This comes with a rubber surround as well.

Moreover, the DB691 is equipped with a neodymium magnet along with a polymer composite cone. As a result, these features give the DB691 a fantastic-looking design paired with superior durability and performance.​​


  • Excellent tonal balance
  • Bass and midrange have great quality
  • Works well with amplifiers


  • Rubber surround and the magnets can be susceptible to breakage
  • It lacks a sufficient bass punch

#8 – PYLE PLG69.5

PYLE PLG69.5 6-Inch x 9-Inch 450 Watt Five-Way Speakers

The PYLE PLG69.5 is a unique speaker thanks to its non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround. This gives it a new touch of sturdiness that is not commonly shared by its competitors. This 6x9 speaker also has a poly-injected cone that delivers distortion-free sounds that are very crisp.

PYLE also boasts that this product has a strong capacitor. This allows your speakers to avoid power shortage since it’s sufficiently supplied.​​


  • Very versatile in performance
  • Five-way speakers with a strong 450W power supply
  • It includes custom grilles and installation components


  • Mounting fins can sometimes be too wide
  • The cone can be sensitive to damage

#9 – Kicker DS693

Kicker DS693 6"x9" 3-Way Speakers (Pair)

The Kicker DS693 is a 3-way coaxial car speaker. It has a 140W peak power usage. The Kicker DS693 also uses the typical 4-ohm impedance with a sensitivity of 92 dB. It has a decent bass, but its sound quality is crisp and clean.

This product is also loud despite the low wattage. So it’s a perfect product if you want something powerful that doesn’t take up too much power. One of the best things about the Kicker DS693 is that the front mounting cover is aesthetically pleasing. Hence, it’s a great idea to show off these speakers instead of mounting it behind a door panel.​​


  • Great price range, very cheap for its quality
  • Delivers crisp and clean sound for the highs, mids, and lows
  • Requires a below-average level of power but the volume is very strong


  • Mounting clips can be quite complicated to follow
  • There can be a bit of distortion

The Verdict

If you want something that has perfect tonal balance with good bass and midrange sound quality, then the Polk Audio DB691 might be a good option for you. Also take note that its rubber surround creates that balanced, “well rounded” sound. This is because rubber is a good material for speaker resonance or reverberation. However, do note that like any other products, it has its pros and cons.

At the end of the day, all of these will be affected by your car speaker slot size, budget, and preferences. Do not ever settle for less. However, do not also be swayed by marketing. Choose whatever you think is best for you and your car. Your car speakers are a long-term investment since you cannot replace them that easily.​

Steven K. Galloway