Best Ball Joints for The Money Reviewed 2017-2018

Moog K8607T Ball Joint

A good set of ball joints make steering smoother and safer. They’re a vital vehicle component that you should not overlook. In this article, we’ll tackle the best ball joints and what you need to consider when buying them.

Our Top 5 Best Ball Joints Picks

Ball Joints for a Smoother, Safer Riding Experience

If you take a look at our human bodies, you’ll find that we owe our mobility to our joints. Some of the most critical joints are the hip and shoulder joints, called “ball-and-socket” joints. Ball joints for cars operate on the same principle.

Ball joints are essentially metal balls in metal casings which can move around in all directions. These parts are attached to your wheel hubs, which connect to your wheels and tires.

Ball joints need to be lubricated regularly so that the metal ball won’t run around the casing. When that happens, your ball joints will wear out much faster.

Ensure a safer ride with well-maintained ball joints

Like I mentioned earlier, ball joints need proper lubrication if you want them to last longer. In fact, you do want them to last longer since ball joints don’t exactly come cheap. Plus, a broken ball joint in the middle of a drive can be potentially life-threatening.

A defective ball joint can lead to faster tire damage, which would be costlier in the long run. Furthermore, broken ball joints can also put stress on the other components of your vehicle. These parts aren’t made to take as much pressure as a ball joint, so they’ll break easier.

Bad ball joints can also cause you to fail inspections which can be troublesome. But the most dangerous part is that a bad ball joint can lead to severe disasters. When a ball joint becomes loose, the wheel can pop off, and you’ll end up losing control. You can probably imagine the rest.

How to tell when a ball joint needs replacement

Ball Joints for a Smoother, Safer Riding Experience


People will usually report a clunking sort of sound when their ball joint starts to go wrong. That is typically the first symptom of a bad ball joint. It will start off as a faint noise. Then, the ball joint begins to wear, and the sound becomes loud.

Sometimes, you may also feel excessive vibration while driving as the ball joint becomes loose. Furthermore, your steering might even get compromised as a result of a faulty ball joint. Your wheels can wander on its own, giving you less control over your car.

Another indicator is if your wheels are wearing much faster than usual. Taking note of all these symptoms can help stop a bad ball joint in its tracks. Replacing it immediately when needed can prevent accidents and additional damages to your car.

What to look for when getting a new set of ball joints

Cars come with their ball joints upon purchase, but as with most default parts, they’re probably not very good. Later on, you might want to replace these default ball joints either out of necessity or preference.

First, you want ball joints that you can lubricate. Most of them have grease fittings where you can pour in the lubricant when necessary. Some ball joints are self-lubricating, which means less maintenance.

A good pair of ball joints should also come with dust boots, sometimes called rubber seals. They’re designed to keep out dust and other contaminants which can interfere with your ball joints’ performance.

Top 5 Best Ball Joints Reviews

#1 – Moog K8607T Ball Joint

Moog K8607T Ball Joint

The Moog K8607T Ball Joint gets a spot on this list because it comes with Moog’s Problem Solver design. This design lets grease flow to the stud, decreasing friction and strengthening it. Furthermore, Moog made the housing more substantial for a more secure fit.

This ball joint is also stronger due to its forged one-piece housing. The metal stud offers smooth movement, letting you steer with more ease. These are lower ball joints, so it’s essential that they’re more robust and more resistant to wear and tear.


  • Installing onto your vehicle is effortless
  • Because of Moog’s Problem Solver design, this ball joint is guaranteed to be secure and stable


  • You might need to tap the grease fitting hole as it may not be drawn right out of the box

#2 – Moog K80026 Ball Joint

Moog K80026 Ball Joint

The Moog K20086 is the upper ball joint that goes with the Moog K8607T. Just like the K8607T, it also has Moog’s reliable Problem Solver design. Since it came from the same company, you don’t have to worry about the quality!

It’s made with a greaseable socket, letting you flush away any contaminants. Doing so would reduce corrosion and lengthen its lifespan, so make sure you do it often! The housing’s secure fit also ensures that it’ll stay safe while you drive.


  • Unlike some ball joints, particularly those that come with your car from the get-go, these are greaseable. That means that it’ll last longer since the lubricant protects it from wearing down


  • The grease zerk might hit your vehicle’s universal joint so you’ll have to make some adjustments when installing this

#3 – ACDelco 46D2281A Advantage Front Lower Suspension Ball Joint Assembly

ACDelco 46D2281A Advantage Front Lower Suspension Ball Joint Assembly

The ACDelco 46D2281A Ball Joint is quite a bargain for most. Despite its lower price in comparison with its competitors, it doesn’t compromise on quality. It’s tested to be durable, so it’s guaranteed to last you a long time.

Furthermore, the coating also makes it corrosion-resistant. The forged one-piece housing further heightens its durability, making it long-lasting. Don’t let its low price fool you – this came from ISO-9001 certified factories, which assures its quality.


  • It comes with a polyurethane dust boot
  • They’re greaseable
  • Lubrication will help these last longer since it mitigates the wear and tear over time
  • It’s fairly easy to install


  • It only has a 1-year warranty, or until you drive 12,000 miles with these ball joints

#4 – Synergy Manufacturing 8009-12 Jeep JK/WJ Dana 30/44 HD Ball Joint Set (2 Uppers, 2 Lowers)

Synergy Manufacturing 8009-12 Jeep JK/WJ Dana 30/44 HD Ball Joint Set (2 Uppers, 2 Lowers)

This set is probably the most convenient of them all since you can buy it as a set. Though of course, convenience comes with a price. They’re primarily advertised to replace ball-joints on lifted vehicles.

It’s metal-on-metal, and it’s entirely greaseable, furthering its longevity. Plus, the stud’s surface is induction heat-treated to maximize its lifespan. The dust boot comes with silicone polyurethane which resists tears. The set is inclusive of all the necessary materials for installation.


  • The set includes all four necessary ball joints, both upper and lower
  • No need to mix and match ball joints, plus it’s more convenient to replace all ball joints in one go
  • It’s precisely suitable for vehicles with larger tires
  • Induction heat-treated stud makes the ball joint much more durable


  • The grease fitting might be a bit difficult to work with as it might not hold very well

#5 – PartsW 4 Piece Suspension Kit Upper and Lower Ball Joints for Jeep Cherokee, Comanche, Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, TJ, Wagoneer and Wrangler

PartsW 4 Piece Suspension Kit Upper and Lower Ball Joints for Jeep Cherokee, Comanche, Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, TJ, Wagoneer and Wrangler

Just like the Synergy Manufacturing ball joints, these from PartsW also come in a 4-piece set. Their ball joints claim to lengthen your tires’ lifespan. They are also tested against the harshest conditions to ensure that they can stand up for anything and everything.

The dust boots are also permanently attached to the ball joints. That further reduces the likelihood of any foreign objects entering the ball joint. These are also quite affordable for a set of four while still making sure to use quality materials.


  • The dust boots are permanently attached preventing dust and other particles from entering
  • Foreign objects can hamper your ball joints’ performance
  • Each ball joint has an individual package along with its smaller components


  • The lower joints do not have grease fittings

The Verdict

The Moog K8607T Ball Joint is quite hard to beat for the excellent quality it provides. It’s easy to install, and it’s guaranteed to be sturdy. They’re not very pricey, but they’re well-known for their high quality.

We also recommend you to buy the Moog K28006 alongside the K8607 for the full experience. The other picks are also incredible choices, so it comes down to what you need and what your budget will allow.

Steven K. Galloway