Top 3 Best Body Filler For Repairing Auto Damage

Evercoat 125 Rage Ultra Body Filler - 0.8 Gallon

You can often use body fillers for repairing the car body. It is for filling in cracks, dents, chips, scrapes, rust holes and other damages your car might have incurred while in use. It is only natural to want to find the best body filler for you and your vehicle.

However, fixing car body damages is not the only thing a body filler can do. So, for today’s feature, we will be talking about important things you need to know to maximize a body filler.​

What is a Body Filler and What is Its Use?

A body filler is a thick polyester resin with two parts. It is often used (or mixed) along with other materials or substances to harden. Sometimes it is combined with red or blue catalysts known as the “MEK” peroxide (methyl ethyl ketone).

However, somebody who has already tried mixing a batch before would know that the fumes or the scent that comes out from this mixture can be pretty hazardous to the health. So, this is why it is essential to use a mask or a respirator.

And so, after the body filler hardens, that is what serves as the filler for those cracks and dents in your car. Then again, just as we mentioned earlier, that is not the only use of the body filler.​

You can also use body fillers in sanding and other house repairs. Finding the best sand filler with the best components can help you maximize its uses.

Remember, since body fillers tend to dry or harden up very easily, it is ideal to look into products that are a first-time user-friendly. That way, you can avoid wasting so much product.

Do not be afraid to spend quite some money on quality body fillers. Good body fillers do not only adhere but must also look very natural after drying. Even without a finishing putty. Also, consider how much fumes it might release when you use it.

Your health and safety are what matters the most. Here’s a quick review of some products you might want to choose.​

Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Body Filter

#1 – Bondo 261 Lightweight Filler Pint Can - 14 oz.

Bondo 261 Lightweight Filler Pint Can - 14 oz.

3M’s Bondo 261 Lightweight Filler Pint Can comes in two to five units of 14 ounces as well as a pack of 12. With 3M, you get a microsphere formula automotive body filler. It is a two part lightweight compound which makes it very easy to mix and spread.

Its formulation is meant to be non-shrinking making it ideal for a broad range of materials such as steel, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and even concrete. It can cure in minutes and sands easily, even for non-professionals.​


  • It looks very natural on almost any material
  • It is also ideal for sanding
  • Once completely dry (or hardened) it holds up sturdily, even for quite some time


  • It can get hot and hardens up quickly
  • You might have issues with adhesion if you do not carefully follow the instructions

#2 – Bondo 312 Autobody Filler Kit Quart Can

Bondo 312 Autobody Filler Kit Quart Can

On the other hand, 3M’s Bondo 312 Autobody Filler Kit Quart Can also comes in the pint size. Similar to the Bondo 261, 312 comes as a body repair kit. Buying the whole package would include a red cream hardener, self-adhesive body patch, spreader and the body filler itself.

As for the body filler itself, it is pretty similar to the 261 as well. It is ideal for repairing large holes, rust outs, and deep scratches. Should you need some help, Bondo has an easy step by step instruction to guide you.​


  • It is very cheap, comes with a body filler kit
  • It is perfect for home repair and less than fine or semi smooth wood working
  • It looks good even with paint


  • Similar to Bondo 261, it can dry up or harden pretty quickly

#3 – Evercoat 125 Rage Ultra Body Filler - 0.8 Gallon

Evercoat 125 Rage Ultra Body Filler - 0.8 Gallon

Lastly, is Evercoat’s 125 rage Ultra Body Filler which you can also utilize for sanding. It comes in the 0.8 gallons. It makes use of a pending patent formula which contains renewable technology.

Also, it is also a non-sag formula with excellent filling properties. In turn, this eliminates the need for a finishing putty. But most importantly, it has a hardener included when you buy the product.​


  • Just as claimed, it leaves a very smooth finish that you can use little to no finishing putty to make it look natural
  • It is very easy to sand for wood working


  • It does not come with instructions

Our Verdict

A body filler is very challenging to work with as a beginner. That is why it is vital that you find the best one for you. The product should be a first-time user-friendly, natural looking and versatile. But most importantly, if you can select a product that is not too bad on fumes, that is ideal.

With this said, Evercoat’s 125 Rage Ultra Body Filler might be a good option. It is a very versatile product that doesn’t release many fumes. Though at the end of the day, the best filler for you would be dependent on your preference and its ease of use.​

Steven K. Galloway