Top 3 Best Brake Caliper Paint Reviews: G2 vs. Duplicolor Vs. VHT

VHT SP731 Real Red Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz.

Have you ever wanted to pimp up your car with a new look yet don’t want to spend bucks to change it drastically? Then changing the brake caliper paint might be a good option for you.

That is why today, we will be featuring a simple buying guide to help you find the best brake caliper paint for your DIY project. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to look for the best colorant for you to come up with the best results as well. Here are some things we think you might want to know.

Our Picks for the Best Brake Caliper Paint

Buying the Caliper Paint

Now, before you go on a splurge to buy your brake caliper paint, make sure to weigh all possible factors to consider first. Buying the most expensive caliper paint doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll also give you the best results.

But, there might be some cases when this is true. But if ever you are on a budget, there will be caliper paints out there that work just as good without breaking the bank.

Caliper Type

One of the first few things to consider when buying a caliper would be the caliper type. That will help you choose which paint would be the best for you. Not all types of calipers are suitable for painting.

That is why it is also essential that you know your vehicle’s caliper type. The first kind of caliper would be the floating caliper. A floating caliper only has piston/s on one side of the rotor. With its bushings and pins acting as a clamp, the piston/s slide back and forth.

The second type is the sliding caliper. This kind is usually in a caliper adapter’s slot. It operates on a single piston. On the other hand, the number of cylinders utilized in a fixed caliper, which usually ranges between 2 to 8 disks.

No bushing or sliding pin is needed, it mounts to a bracket. And lastly, would be the performance or high-performance calipers. Usually, the best for painting, performance calipers have more pistons that are bigger and have less heat retention.

Know which type of caliper is on your vehicle and see which category it falls.

Quality of the Paint

Another factor to consider would be the quality of the paint. The caliper paint is not only meant to pimp up your vehicle’s appearance. It is also intended to keep it from rusting or accumulating scratches.

That said it should be a given that finding the best caliper paint is very important. The weather condition can also be a crucial factor to consider. It is because it can affect the quality of the colorant.

Some paints are specially made to resist extremely hot or cold weather conditions. If you can find one that is very durable yet also aesthetically pleasing then, that would be ideal.

Safety and standards

man adjusting car brake caliper

Lastly, would be the safety and standards of the paint. If you’ve already been looking into painting your caliper, you would know this. Painting your brake caliper might affect its performance.

Moreover, the brake caliper can sometimes get even hotter than the engine itself. That is why the paint you will choose must be safe enough for this. If your colorant suddenly wears off from the brake caliper and gets to the brake system, it can get hazardous for you as well.

**EXTRA: You may find this our guide for the best brake controller here.

Not only will it affect the vehicle’s performance but it can also cause accidents that endanger the life. So be sure to buy a caliper paint that meets the safety standards.

Although these might not be the entirety of the things you must consider, these are some of the most important. Do not be afraid to research further or to consult the sellers or salespeople when you do buy the paint.

After all, this is for your safety and your vehicle's performance.

Top 3 Best Brake Caliper Paint Reviews

#1 – VHT SP731 Real Red Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz.

VHT SP731 Real Red Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz.

VHT’s SP731 enters our list as the first product with its custom-made formula. VHT’s paint has specific designs for brakes, drums, and calipers. Not to mention, it’s also a brilliant product for customized rotor detailing.


  • Strong resistance
  • It’s formulated to have exceptional strength when it comes to heat and harmful chemicals
  • When cured properly, this paint can resist up heat until 900 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Very versatile
  • It’s ideal to use this with a color primer along with a transparent coat process
  • Easy to apply
  • It is for top-notch adhesion for quick drying and curing


  • The color hue is not really “real red"
  • times-circle
    It’s not the shiniest among other paints for brake calipers

#2 – Dupli-Color BCP400 Red Brake Caliper Kit

Dupli-Color BCP400 Red Brake Caliper Kit

Dupli-Color is next on our list with its sleek red brake caliper paint. The first thing you’ll notice here is that it’s packaged in a neat box with directions. That makes this colorant a lot easier to apply for the beginners.


  • Fast drying action
  • Dupli-Color designs their paints to dry in under 30 minutes only
  • Strong and thick coating
  • While it maintains its shine, this colorant also retains resistance against chipping and cracking
  • Comes with a brush-on kit


  • While the brush makes it a bargain, it’s not the best brush to use
  • times-circle
    It doesn’t come with a spray option

#3 – High Temperature High Gloss Self Leveling Brush On Black G2 Brake Caliper Paint System Kit

High Temperature High Gloss Self Leveling Brush On Black G2 Brake Caliper Paint System Kit

G2 USA is last on our list, but by no means is it the least. The contents of their brake caliper paint system make this an attractive paint kit, despite its price being quite higher.

The G2 paint system is a top-of-the-line product because the choices here are endless. You’ll get not only more color options but higher quality than the normal too!


  • Reliable protection from all kinds of stress
  • It’s exceptionally good at keeping rust away while also preventing external damages
  • It’s also suitable for high temperatures
  • Complete set makes this a bargain
  • It comes with a brush for the application while having a brake cleaner for a flawless caliper!
  • Curing and drying are quick and easy
  • The curing process gives it a glossy sheen that makes the caliper a lot sleeker
  • Fit for a lot of preferences
  • It comes in 11 standard colors, so you’re not limited to your choices!


  • The bristles may still leave marks if you’re not careful

The Verdict

Choosing a paint for your brake caliper is somehow similar when selecting one for your car’s exterior. You’d want to think how you want the new color to look like, and you’ll want it to be durable. Thus, wear, and chemical resistance is always necessary when considering the best brake caliper.

However, resistance isn’t the only factor. Always take into account the visual appeal too. After all, repainting something should still have that “wow” factor in it. With all that said, the best brake caliper paint is the G2 Brake Caliper System kit.

It checks all the boxes when it comes to quality, quantity, and strength. However, you’d want to get a better brush for this. While the price may be on the higher end, it’s still definitely worth the purchase.

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Steven K. Galloway