Top 5 Best Breaker Bar For Removing Stuck Bolts

Neiko 00206A 1/2 Inch Drive Premium Breaker Bar, 24" Length | Cr-V Steel

If you like tinkering around the house, having your very own tool shed will come in very handy for your DIY projects. The breaker bar is a helpful tool to have in your shed. You can use it for a lot of different purposes.

However, if you want to save yourself time, effort and money, it is best just to get the best breaker bar for you. That is why today, we will be featuring a simple buying guide to help you find what a good breaker bar is.

Our Picks for the Best Breaker Bar

Why the breaker bar?

When you search the phrase “breaker bar”, there are also a bunch of other tools that come up from the search engine. A device such as a cheater bar and even a socket or torque wrench may come up as you search.

That is why it is essential for you to know what a breaker bar is, what’s it for and is suitable for the nature of your project. A breaker bar is for breaking loose, tight fasteners. The concept may be pretty similar to that of a socket wrench, yes.

However, a breaker bar is significantly longer than a socket wrench giving it more force/leverage and torque as compared to the conventional socket wrench (with the same if not less effort, that is).

On the other hand, a cheater bar also known as a snipe or a cheater pipe is pretty much just an improvised breaker bar. It usually comes with a tube and a spanner wrench.

Although the breaker bar is mostly used automotive purposes such as changing tires and disassembling engines, as long as you need a non-ratcheting bar for loosening tight fasteners, you can use this tool.

Top 5 Best Breaker Bar Reviews

#1 – Neiko 00206A 1/2 Inch Drive Premium Breaker Bar, 24" Length | Cr-V Steel

Neiko 00206A 1/2 Inch Drive Premium Breaker Bar, 24" Length | Cr-V Steel

Neiko’s Premium breaker bar starts off our list with its top-notch material that’s sure to last. Mainly, Neiko’s breaker bar is composed of heat treated chrome-moly. This component gives it not only durability but strength whenever you’ll use it.

Besides its construction, you’ll be pleased with Neiko’s flexibility and added functionality. For instance, you’ll get a convenient 180-degree head here that’s flawless and smooth. Moreover, it has ball bearings that give you that added security.


  • Exceeds ANSI standards. These standards are a great barometer in determining the overall quality and performance of a breaker bar
  • You’ll get a chrome vanadium steel handle that’s ideal for applying maximum torque
  • The lug nuts that you’ll be using here will be safe thanks to the spring-loaded ball bearings
  • These bearings securely hold those sockets to prevent any breakage
  • check-circle
    Ideal length for the most robust jobs for a homeowner
  • check-circle
    Its 24-inch handle gives you more than enough leverage to use this for removing tires


  • The head can be a little tighter
  • times-circle
    It’s not ideal for industrial use

#2 – TEKTON 15356 1/2-Inch Drive by 24-Inch Breaker Bar

TEKTON 15356 1/2-Inch Drive by 24-Inch Breaker Bar

Tekton has always been among the leading brands when it comes to mechanical and industrial tools. With that said, their breaker bar is an excellent example of Tekton’s renowned reputation for performance and durability.

Much of Tekton’s best factors are similar with the Neiko. Both of these brands use the same materials, and it also meets ANSI standards. Thus, it’s safe to safe that Tekton and Neiko are both extremely close in the race for the best breaker bar.


  • It’s a specialist for removing rusted nuts
  • The length along with the chrome vanadium body makes it excellent for hard-to-remove bolts
  • Its handle is contoured to be ergonomic for even beginners to use
  • Its flex head can turn at any angle up to 180 degrees, giving you maximum versatility and comfort


  • It might bend a little despite its thickness
  • times-circle
    The hinge isn’t as good compared to its head or body regarding durability

#3 – Capri Tools 1/2 Inch Drive Extension Breaker Bar, 377 ft-lb, 24 inches

Capri Tools 1/2 Inch Drive Extension Breaker Bar, 377 ft-lb, 24 inches

Capri Tools is third on our list, and it’s mostly thanks to its dynamic performance whenever it’s called for the job. Capri Tools’ breaker bar is as straightforward as it can get. It doesn’t boast a lot of bonus features, but it’ll get the job done in no time!


  • Like the other high-quality products we’ve reviewed, Capri Tools makes use of high-quality chrome-moly
  • Furthermore, it also uses chrome vanadium for the construction of its body
  • The chrome-moly flex head is easy to adjust and even flexible. That grants you excellent control over its performance


  • The handle can be prone to grease and slime

#4 – Performance Tool Performance Tool W32126 1/2-Inch Drive 30-Inch Breaker Bar, 1-Pack

Performance Tool Performance Tool W32126 1/2-Inch Drive 30-Inch Breaker Bar, 1-Pack

Performance Tools has always been witty in how they market their products. With their breaker bar, Performance Tools does an excellent job by enticing you with variety.


  • Extra long handle, coming in at 30 inches long for maximum leverage. Thanks to this, it also minimizes effort in turning
  • Unlike the previous products that all used chrome-moly, Performance Tools uses high-quality nickel chrome
  • Flexible head works well with the long body


  • It can be a little slippery to handle

#5 – Craftsman 9-4431 Flex Handle 3/4-Inch Drive and 18-Inches Long Breaker Bar

Craftsman 9-4431 Flex Handle 3/4-Inch Drive and 18-Inches Long Breaker Bar

Craftsman’s last on our list with its 18-inch flex handle breaker bar. While it’s not as long as the others, its unique handle makes up for it. The handle of this breaker bar isn’t spherical. Instead, it’s flat. Thus, this gives you a firmer grip with more leverage to flex the bar when using it!


  • Extremely lightweight. It only weighs at 2.8 pounds, making this one of the easiest to use and to carry!
  • The hinges come with high-quality material, which prevents breakage and keeps it flexible


  • Not as long as the others which decreases its leverage

Basic Care and Maintenance For Breaker Bars

Just buying the most expensive breaker bar is not going to guarantee you of a long lifespan. Finding a product that comes with a warranty might be a useful safety net, but it is also essential to know how to care and maintain a tool correctly.

First, do not forget to clean your breaker bar every after you use it even if it seems clear to the naked eye. Like any other tool, your breaker bar is as prone to rust and corrosion.

Gentle cleaners are also ideal but are sure they do not strip off any of the protective coatings. Dry them out properly after cleaning them as well. That will help avoid rusting. Storage is also another important aspect if you want to prolong the life of your breaker bar.

If you plan to take it out to a project site or if you’re not planning to use it anytime soon. Store it in a dry place with little to no humidity or moisture as this can cause corrosion or rust.

The Verdict

Breaker bars are dull but necessary tools to have in your toolbox. You’ll never know when a tire’s busting, or when you’ll need to overhaul an engine. Although simple, be sure to invest in a breaker bar that will last for years to come.

Performance and durability are always the top priorities. Taking these into account, we’ll award the best breaker bar to Neiko’s Premium Breaker Bar. Neiko checks all the standard boxes, but it also adds more versatility and enhances your comfort.

While it’s our pick for this list, don’t be afraid to share us your thoughts below if you think otherwise! Good luck and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Steven K. Galloway