What is The Best Coilovers for Daily Driving?

Eibach 1534.711 Pro-Street-S Coil-Over System

If you use your car often, you know that your vehicle will become subjected to extreme conditions and various terrains. That is especially true if you use it for long drives. That said, it is entirely natural for your Coilover suspension to have some issues.

And because you’ll never know when you might need one, you might as well get the best coilover suspension kits for your car. This will help save you the stress, should you encounter any suspension issues while on the go.

Our Picks for the Best Coilover Suspension Kits

The Coilover Suspension vs. Springs

Although most of you might already know, a Coilover is part of the suspension. It is usually a performance upgrade for vehicle suspensions. Due to its stiffer spring, it can allow for a smoother lowering of a vehicle while reducing body rolls.

The Coilover suspension is what keeps you from bouncing too much on your car seat whenever you drive over bumps or rough roads. So if it isn’t functioning well, you’re more than likely to have a bumpy ride.

The Coilover is just a coil spring on top of a shock absorber. However, you might also be wondering how the Coilover is different from the metal coil. Some people have the notion that the Coilover and the spring are either the same or interchangeable.

You can use both for any vehicle, but there are some things you might have to take note of first. And although the line the separates a Coilover from a spring is slightly blurred, there are some notable differences. Here are some things you can take note.

Types of Coilovers

There are three main types of Coilovers: the full-bodied Coilovers, the sleeve type, and the drag Coilovers. Full-bodied Coilovers, unlike the other models, are a complete set. Meaning, it comes with the shocks, pillow ball top mounts and aluminum top mounts for some or even bump stops for lowered vehicles.

It is very much ready for mounting and is perfect for maintenance and replacements on the go. However, they can also get pretty expensive since this is the entire, complete kit we’re referring here.

On the other hand, the sleeve type Coilover comes with just the Coilover itself. That can give you the flexibility to use any shock of your choice. It is also a lot less expensive compared to full-bodied Coilovers.

But although this might sound like an excellent bargain, beware that not all shocks are compatible with any vehicle. Lowered vehicles and vehicles that come with factory performance shocks tend to be a little more meticulous when it comes to this.

Using an incompatible shock might last you quite some time, but it can only take you so far before blowing out. So make sure to weigh the pros and cons first. And the last Coilover type would be the drag Coilovers.

Drag Coilovers are for cars used in drag racing. Make sure to use only this specific type of Coilover if your vehicle is for drag racing. Some manufacturers exclusively specialize in this type so it would be ideal to check them out.

drag coilovers used in drag racing

Photo Source: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=214619

This type, however, only comes in two sets: one is just for the rear and the other for all fours. Do not worry if the back comes off as a little stiff. That is just to keep the car from weight shifts as you “launch”.

The Spring

Now that we’ve tackled the Coilover, here is what makes the spring a little different.

Again, lowering springs are pretty much similar to your Coilovers. However, these are best used only by people who merely want to lower their vehicles. Adjustability, stiffness and cost aside.

That is also why using a spring instead of a Coilover might give you a stiffer ride. Lower than the usual Coilover, metal coils have higher spring rates. More specifically, they can get as little as half an inch or 2.5 inches smaller. Also, you have to use them with stock shocks.

So whichever you choose, be sure to know first what your vehicle needs and determine what’s more compatible. After all, your choice can either make or break the ride and your vehicle’s performance.

Top 6 Best Coilover Suspension Kits Reviews

#1 – Eibach 1534.711 Pro-Street-S Coil-Over System

Eibach 1534.711 Pro-Street-S Coil-Over System

Eibach is always proud to call its products as “next-level technology.” And that’s entirely true, especially with its high-quality features. Among these features include top-notch adjustability, heavy duty construction, and fine-tuning.


  • It’s engineered to have rust-free stainless steel that will last your car for a long time!
  • Unique damper packages help you to shift the height adjustment of each wheel quickly
  • Works brilliantly with non-stock wheels and tire combinations
  • It has tight handling with great comfort


  • It would be great if it comes in a neutral color

#2 – Tanabe TSC038 Sustec Pro S-0C Coilover Spring with Height Adjustment +0.25 -2.25"/+0.75 -2.25" for 2000-2005 Lexus IS300 JCE10L

Tanabe TSC038 Sustec Pro S-0C Coilover Spring with Height Adjustment +0.25 -2.25"/+0.75 -2.25" for 2000-2005 Lexus IS300 JCE10L

Tanabe’s Sustec Pro Coilover starts off our list with its impressive height adjustment system. The Tanabe Sustec Pro Coilover is perfect for vehicles like high-end the Lexus. It has a competitive race spring with a spec of PRO210.

Regarding performance, you’ll also get a unique chamber design that’s dual that works well with its low-pressure gas!


  • Dual spring and lock nut. That gives the Coilover a stronger and much more secure effectiveness on your shock absorber
  • Short stroke and shortened case dampener increases efficiency in your ride
  • It delivers superior handling without sacrificing comfortability and smoothness
  • Unique double-cylinder design. It enables a suspension stroke that’s full despite its short structure


  • The left side of the spring is not the most durable

#3 – BC Racing BR Series Coilover Kit for 98-05 BMW 3 SERIES E46 (M3)

BC Racing BR Series Coilover Kit for 98-05 BMW 3 SERIES E46 (M3)

BC racing is another solid Coilover kit that works best the BMW 3 series. It has 30 levels where you can adjust the damping force, which makes it extremely versatile. Further, the construction of this is one of the best, offering exceptional durability.


  • One year warranty
  • Heavy-duty front and rear camber plates
  • Mono-tube shock design creates a seamless mechanism that reduces loose handling
  • check-circle
    It has an 8kg and a 12 kg spring rate for its front and rear springs respectively


  • Not the best product for those who don’t own a BMW

#4 – Koni 1150-5083 Threaded Suspension Kit

Koni 1150-5083 Threaded Suspension Kit

Koni’s threaded suspension kit looks as sleek as it can get with its shiny finish. These come from its high-quality materials. Among these elements is its gray metallic spring, plated shock bodies, and red anodized alloy springs.

However, it doesn’t stop there. The threaded suspension offers performance similar to sports shocks. It’s easy to adjust in the rebound area, which is all externally available!


  • Gives you an option to lower it with specific corners. That is perfect for weight jacking applications
  • Threaded shock bodies gives you lots of versatility, it adjusts from 0.8 to 2.6 inches
  • Comes with adjustable valves with progressive springs
Godspeed ( MSS0240 ) 95-00 Lexus Ls400 Mono-ss

The Godspeed Mono-Max boasts its affordability for a street-efficient Coilover. One of the main features that you should love here is its seamless steel 52mm Mono-tube. Besides this, Godspeed has done a great job with its springs, which come from high strength steel!


  • Comes with cold-bent springs
  • Has a heavy duty front camber plate, this plate weighs around 12kg that comes with a powder-coated damper body
  • check-circle
    Efficient shock absorbing action
  • check-circle
    The most exquisite oil manufactured in Italy fuels the effect, giving it excellent performance under changing temperatures


  • It doesn’t come with a clear manual book for your reference

#6 – KW 35256010 Variant 3 Coilover

KW 35256010 Variant 3 Coilover

KW’s Variant 3 Coilover has a lot of tricks up its sleeve when we’re talking about adjustment. It’s very seamless, and extremely optimal when we’re taking into account the driving dynamics.


  • Ideal system for professional performance
  • It’s rebound, individual, and adjustable compression settings
  • check-circle
    High-quality dampers


  • It’s the most expensive on the list

Coilover Maintenance and Care

Just because a Coilover is a performance upgrade for vehicles doesn’t mean it is not susceptible to issues and defects.

Just as we mentioned earlier, it is very natural to blowout your vehicle’s suspension, primarily if you use it regularly. And this is where your Coilover suspension kit comes in. Getting your Coilover suspension maintained and replaced now and then is a surefire way to keep it in excellent condition.

However, keeping your suspension in top condition is not just to give you a more comfortable and smoother ride. It is also to reduce risks and hazards of getting into accidents when neglected.

Just like any other vehicle problems, leaving your Coilover suspension’s issues neglected can cause potential accidents. So be sure not to skip out on getting it checked or maintained.

Be sure to keep with you tools like retaining ring pliers, picks, shaft clamps and the like is a proper preparation should emergencies happen. Shock oil, assembly lube, seals and other products are also a must-have for drivers.

But then again, the best way to keep your Coilover suspension in the best shape is not to subject your vehicle to harsh terrains and extreme conditions. Driving more cautiously over humps and rough roads might be very basic, but it helps save your Coilover from getting worn out.

“Street racing” is something drivers must avoid as well. Especially, if your vehicle is not meant to run extreme speeds, shift gears quickly or suddenly make sharp turns. Although the consequences might not appear immediately, you can expect them sometime in the future.

The Verdict

Buying a Coilover suspension kit is not a walk in the park. You’re investing not only hundreds and hundreds of dollars but also in safety and performance. With that said, it’s important to pay to the utmost detail in the kit’s specifications and contents.

It’s a lot better to trust a credible company instead of trying out something unknown. With that said, reliable manufacturers often have lifetime warranties to help ease the pain in shelling out money. With that said, we’ll recommend the Eibach Pro Street S Coilover kit as the best suspension kit in this list.

The “new age technology” vision of Eibach surely lives up to its potential. Top notch performance coupled with its excellent rust-free material secures it as our best product. Not to mention, you also get that superior dial-in mechanism for height adjustments!

Still, don’t be afraid to check the other items listed! In the end, you are in full control of what you choose. Good luck!

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