Top 4 Best Foam Cannon for 2017-2018: A Complete Guide

DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer Jet Wash 1/4" Quick Release Adjustable Snow Foam Lance, Foam Cannon

If you have a pressure washer, then it is necessary that you accompany it with the best foam cannon. On its own, a pressure washer is capable of cleaning your car in a matter of minutes. They are a great piece of innovation, indeed.

However, there is one area in where pressure washers come short. Individually, these tools can't apply soap that is crucial in dealing with greasy stains. Eventually, you would realise that the machine is not a stand-alone device that can give your vehicle a comprehensive cleaning.

You can solve this problem by installing the appropriate foam cannon to your electric pressure washer. You just have to choose the right one that can complement the current unit that you have right now. I have listed some brands of foam cannons that you can opt. Try any of these and see which one of them works best for your setup.

Best Foam Cannon: Top Picks

Top 4 Best Foam Cannon Reviews

#1 – DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer Jet Wash 1/4" Quick Release Adjustable Snow Foam Lance, Foam Cannon | Editor's Choice

DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer Jet Wash 1/4" Quick Release Adjustable Snow Foam Lance, Foam Cannon

When choosing a foam cannon, you should always mind its accuracy when it comes to integrating the mixture. This qualification is necessary to ensure that the foam you blow is capable of cleansing your vehicle thoroughly. In this factor alone, the Dusichin SFL-001 is already leaving everyone in the dust.

This foam cannon excels in reliability. You can always get appropriate or desired foam quantity that you want to spray. It comes with an adjustable nozzle that adequately combines water with the mixture for reliable cleaning results. Choosing this item is an excellent move if you have a pressure washer that features a 1000 PSI operating pressure and 2.0GPM.


  • Connectors come with industrial grade brass
  • The foam lance is adjustable and can be quickly disconnected
  • Large capacity canister (33 ounces)
  • Nozzle is adjustable for accurate foam generation and mixing
  • Overall design is heavy duty


  • No noticeable drawbacks

#2 – MTM Hydro Professional Adjustable Foam Cannon with Bayonet, 2600 PSI | Runner-Up

MTM Hydro Professional Adjustable Foam Cannon with Bayonet, 2600 PSI

For extensive and heavy-duty applications, I suggest that you should get the MTM Hydro Professional Adjustable Foam Cannon. It is a powerful foam cannon that is capable of dealing massive vehicles with ease. It comes with a 1.10mm nozzle and an astounding 34-ounce container bottle. This one can shoot dense foam for up to 20 feet. That is something that you can't see on ordinary form cannons.

The MTM Hydro is compatible with electric washers that have 2,600 PSI working pressure. It can handle the big guns in just a breeze. Moreover, the accuracy of this device when it comes to mixing and foam generation is superb. The foam it creates is noticeably denser than most of its counterpart. Once you use this foam cannon, you will immediately notice that the foam formed can cling to the surfaces of the vehicle. It results in an extra thick and thorough cleaning.


  • Foam generation and mixing are both on-point
  • Comes with a bayonet fitting that works on many electric pressure washers
  • Extra-long spraying reach
  • Produces thick, dense, and clingy foam
  • Overall make is durable and rugged


  • It is a little difficult to adjust

#3 – MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon 1 Liter Bottle Snow Foam Lance With 1/4" Quick Connector Foam Blaster for Pressure Washer Gun | Budget-Friendly Option

MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon 1 Liter Bottle Snow Foam Lance With 1/4" Quick Connector Foam Blaster for Pressure Washer Gun

Are you running out of budget? Don't' worry. There is another foam cannon that you should include on your selection list. Individually, the MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon boast the same capabilities as Dusichin SFL-001, but on a fixed price. It is a professional unit that features a 1/4-inch disconnection fitting. It also has a one-litre capacity to ensure that you won't run out of fumes efficiently.

Same as the Dusichin SFL-001, the MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon requires a pressure washer that has 2.06GPM and 1000 PSI working pressure. When it comes to its build, the MATCC Foam Canon flaunts an all-brass body construction. You can guarantee that this one can serve you long in your cleaning garage. Its nozzle can get adjusted for the spray pattern (narrow to full). Meanwhile, you can also use its top dial for controlling the spray amount.


  • Features impeccable accuracy in mixing and foam creation
  • Spray pattern can be adjusted easily
  • Works well with common electric pressure washers
  • Solid and heavy-duty construction


  • The nozzle requires enough sensitivity when it comes to adjustment

#4 – Chemical Guys EQP_312 TORQ Professional Foam Cannon and Honeydew Snow Foam Cleanser (1 Gal) | High-End Option

Chemical Guys EQP_312 TORQ Professional Foam Cannon and Honeydew Snow Foam Cleanser (1 Gal)

The Chemical Guys EQP_312 TORQ Professional Foam Cannon is a professional kit that suits both professional and amateur vehicle cleaners. This one can produce notoriously fluffy and thick foam. It is among the few foam cannons that can do "touch-free" cleaning. You don't have to exert too much effort in expelling the accumulated dirt and grime in your vehicle. Just spray with the use of this cannon and the stains will be gone in minutes.

Even if the dirt is hiding in the tiniest nooks and corners of your car, this foam cannon can still reach them. After all, it features a high-sweep jet nozzle that enables a full-spraying coverage. It also comes with an innovative air injection system that maximises the thickness of the foam, regardless of the cleaning agent that you have used. The nozzle that it has is not flimsy either. It can be adjusted easily for a smoother car-washing experience.


  • Highly-refined air injection system guarantees thick foam
  • Comes with a patent-pending thread lock system that works better than the standard brass threads
  • Capable of reaching tight spots, cracks, and crevices
  • Features a cleanser that lubricates dried dirt stains
  • Compatible with many electric pressure washers


  • The thickness of the foam can become excessive

Should You Use a Foam Cannon or Foam Gun?

Do not confuse a foam cannon with a foam gun since these two devices are far different from each other. Although they appear to be similar, their means of operation are not. Specifically, a foam gun is only compatible with ordinary garden hoses.

You cannot use them with electric pressure washers. The thing that works well with a pressure washer is a foam cannon. Therefore, you can say that foam cannons themselves are ideal for professional applications. But of course, weekend warriors like us should not be intimidated by this tool.

Are Foam Cannons Necessary?

The popularity of foam cannons is just recent. In the past, pressure washers are expensive. Only professional automotive shops have the guts to acquire them because of their price tag. Therefore, getting a foam cannon then is not a practical thing. It would be pointless to use a foam cannon on a garden hose because these two are not supposed to be for each other.

Fortunately, entry-level and DIY pressure washers were introduced in the market already. Many saw this an opportunity to acquire the complete cleaning set (pressure washer and foam cannon) so that they can do the washing by themselves. Of course, a little investment would not be a bad thing as long it is for the benefit of your vehicle.

The foam that is released by the foam cannon sticks well on the surface of your vehicle. It doesn't run off, which allows a thorough cleaning. Depending on the car soap that you have used, the foam can cleanse deep-seated dirt and grime. Moreover, the foam lessens the surface tension and friction of these stains. The lubrication that it gives provides the leverage that you need to clean your car in a faster and more efficient way.

There is no need for you to scrub the surface of your car when washing thoroughly. Doing this would eventually affect the finish of your vehicle. As much as possible, you should only do light washing to preserve the longevity of your car's paint.

What to Look For The Best Foam Cannon

Most of the most foam cannons that you can see on the market today come at different prices. However, it is noticeable that they follow the same build or design. Therefore, deciding which one to use is quite difficult. However, you can always smoothen the choosing process by knowing the capacity of your pressure washer.

Typically, pressure washers have different working pressure. Hence, it is crucial that you should get a foam cannon that can match the operating specs of the machine. You also need the right kind of fitting so that the power washer can fit well to the foam cannon. Fortunately, foam cannons today have these details listed on their labels. You should be able to get the one that is right for your application.

Final Verdict

Having the best foam cannon can make the difference when it comes to washing your vehicle. If you want your ride to be sparkling clean, you should have the appropriate tools and amenities to make it happen. Aside from the washing agent and pressure washer, a foam cannon should also be present in your cleaning kit. They would allow you to accomplish your work efficiently and quickly.

I have listed several foam cannons in this article. Among them, the DUSICHIN SFL-001 is an excellent option for DIYers. Aside from its reasonable price, this one is also compatible with various electric power washers. Its usage is pretty simple and hassle-free, too.

But, it is still up to you which one of these units should you get for your pressure washer. Just make sure that the foam cannon you get has a good build, design, and usability.

Did you learn from this article? If you have some questions, just feel free to ask me in the comment section below!

Steven K. Galloway