Best H11 Bulb: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Automobiles 2017

OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Kit w/ Clear Arc-Beam Bulbs - H11 (H8, H9) - 60w 7,000Lm 6K Cool White CREE - 2 Yr Warranty

A good set of car lights is essential for any driver. It’s practically mandated by law for you to have functional car lights for the safety of everyone on the road. These should help you see in varying conditions, and also be seen by other cars or pedestrians.

In this article, we will talk about car lights, particularly H11 bulbs, and the factors that make them great. Afterward, we will go over some products so you can choose the best H11 bulb for your car.​

Top Picks for the Best H11 Bulb 2017

#1 – OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Kit w/ Clear Arc-Beam Bulbs - H11 (H8, H9) - 60w 7,000Lm 6K Cool White CREE - 2 Yr Warranty

OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Kit w/ Clear Arc-Beam Bulbs - H11 (H8, H9) - 60w 7,000Lm 6K Cool White CREE - 2 Yr Warranty

The OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Kit boasts an Advanced Bright LED Board. It guarantees zero dark spots thanks to the dense light pattern that it provides. It also has OPT7’s Redline Driver technology that promises to optimize protection against heat, power efficiency, and brightness.

The Fluxbeam is plug-and-play, meaning installation should be a breeze. The headlights are a 6000K cool white at 7,000 lm. It has a TurboCool fan that spins at 7,000 RPM so you can be at ease whether rain or shine.​


  • It has a 2-year warranty
  • The light has a long lifespan, more than 50,000 hours
  • Installation is straightforward


  • It might be too bright
  • Aligning the lights can be a bit tricky

#2 – SYLVANIA H11 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, (Contains 2 Bulbs)

SYLVANIA H11 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, (Contains 2 Bulbs)

These halogen headlight bulbs from Sylvania are designed to be a bright, white light that will make nighttime driving safer. It’s a download light, so rest assured that it wouldn't bother other people due to glare. It also offers more sideroad visibility to increase your field of vision during night time.

It is also compliant with DOT standards and meets NHTSA requirements. The bulbs have a color temperature of roughly 4100K. When purchased, this product already comes in pairs for convenience. The manufacturer advises replacing both bulbs at the same time for optimal output.​


  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • Very easy to install
  • It performs well even in rough weather


  • Low lifespan

#3 – Philips H11 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Headlight Bulb, 2 Pack

Philips H11 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Headlight Bulb, 2 Pack

These H11 bulbs from CrystalVision have a color temperature of 4000K. These are bright white. These particular brand of headlights also boast a blue effect seen during the daytime.

Furthermore, these are guaranteed to be street-legal as it is DOT compliant. The Philips H11 Crystal Vision Ultra bulbs are a great option for those who seek both safety and style. These are halogen, but it mimics the look of Xenon HID for those who look for a stylish upgrade.​


  • It is incredibly stylish thanks to its blueish hue in daytime
  • Imitates the look of HID bulbs though it is halogen
  • It comes in pairs for your convenience


  • It does not last very long

#4 – SYLVANIA H11 SilverStar zXe High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, (Contains 2 Bulbs)

SYLVANIA H11 SilverStar zXe High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, (Contains 2 Bulbs)

These halogen bulbs from Sylvania promise a white light that imitates the feel of HID. It has a shimmer that is guaranteed to grab attention in a right way. This is thanks to the mirror tip coating. The lighting is crisp and gives amazingly white illumination.

It’s street-legal and complies with DOT requirements. Compared with the Silverstar Ultra, this gives a whiter light. This is another excellent choice for those who want to take style and appearances into account.​


  • It mimics the look of HID bulbs
  • It gives off a good side-light
  • They are very easy to install


  • It has a slightly yellow tint

#5 – HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit -H11(H8,H9),CREE XHP50 9600lm 6K Cool White,2 Yr Warranty

HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit -H11(H8,H9),CREE XHP50 9600lm 6K Cool White,2 Yr Warranty

These headlights from HIKARI are down-road headlights that ensure a full field of vision, letting you see farther. It’s also made out of special aluminum alloy.

These bulbs have a color temperature of 6000K, so they’re a brighter and cooler white than most headlights. This color temperature is typically only seen in LED lights. The lights measure 9600 lm. It also has a 2-year warranty for worry-free usage.


  • It is very bright and has a cold white light
  • It has a 2-year warranty
  • It has a broad range of illumination
  • Since these are LED bulbs, they have a longer lifespan


  • The fans are noisy
  • The bulbs heat up quickly

Best H11 Bulb - Ultimate Buyer's Guide

An H11 is a type of bulb mainly used in either the headlights or the fog lights. For the headlights, it can be either high beam or low beam. H11 bulbs can also come in three standard types, namely halogen, HID, and LED.

What factors should I consider?

Color temperature

Color temperature is measured in K, or Kelvins. The lower the K, the more yellowish the light is and conversely, the higher the K, the bluer it becomes. Headlights range from 3200 K to 6000 K. At 3200 K, it still has a yellowish tinge, and at 6000 K, the light is almost pure white.

Ideally, you would want something that is whiter because yellow lights tend to scatter everywhere. White light also travels farther which gives you an advantage over darker environments. The more distant the light is, the farther you can see which makes night driving safer.​


Intensity is measured by lm or lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Of course, brighter is better, but you shouldn’t also be too ambitious when looking for headlights. Make sure you’re buying a street-legal headlight.

If the light is too bright and it shines on another driver or passenger, it becomes dangerous. It leaves them open to accidents since they can’t respond as quickly due to the shock caused by the light.

Governments typically set a standard for headlight brightness so make sure your lights are DOT compliant. It shouldn’t be too dark that you won’t be seen, nor too bright that you’ll blind everyone you encounter.​

What are the different kinds of H11 lights?


These are the most common kinds of bulbs used for car lights. They’re the successor to incandescent lights. They are quite cheap, relatively bright, and easily replaceable. They’re also really easy to install, which is a big plus.

On the downside, the light color they emit is on the warmer side, capping at 5000K. Also, they burn out faster. They have an estimated lifespan of 400 hours. Depending on how often you would use them, they typically last a year on most people.

However, since they are the cheaper option, they are also good if you want to try out different lights. It’s easier to replace them and try out other options rather than if you go for HIDs or LEDs. You can use it to get a feel of the kind of headlights that you want.​


HID, or High-Intensity Discharge, lights are brighter than halogens and are typically called “Xenon” bulbs in the market. These cap at 6000K, producing a whiter light and last roughly six times longer than halogen bulbs.

The kind of light it produces is more on the bluish-white side. This comes in handy as it can go further than more yellowish lights. This means your field of vision on the road is significantly increased.

On the downside, it takes a while for it to brighten up to its maximum capacity when you first turn it on. You can’t use these to turn your lights on and off quickly. It also gives a lot of glare which can hurt your and other people’s eyesight.

Nowadays, manufacturers are starting to come out with bulbs labeled as HID Conversion Kits. If your car only accepts halogen bulbs, but you want the look of HIDs, these are something you should consider.​


These are newer kinds of bulbs. LEDs are powerful and emit more of a bluish-white light just like HIDs. They last twice as long as HID lamps, or twelve times longer than halogens. They’re very energy efficient, and you can switch them on or off quickly unlike HIDs.

The downside to LEDs is that they heat up much, much faster than the other kinds of bulbs. To counteract this, manufacturers include a cooling fan to help combat overheating. However, this also means the price shoots up making this a less affordable option.

However, in the longer run, LEDs are much more cost-efficient since they last for such a long time. LEDs are also a safer option than HIDs since they don’t tend to shine brightly to a dangerous degree. LEDs provide an adequate download and side road visibility.​

Where can I put my H11 lights?


This is where they’re commonly placed. Headlights are separated into the low beam and high beam. Low beams are used when there are other cars, and you need to light up what’s in front of you. They provide light laterally, so there’s no glare towards other drivers.

High beams are used when you’re the only car around, or there aren’t any in front of you. They provide intense light directly to the center. These have extreme glare for other motorists so they shouldn’t be used when others are around.​

Fog lights

Normally, your headlights should be able to cut through the mist, rain, and other conditions. When they simply aren’t enough, we turn to fog lights to get the job done. It works by not refracting the light on the fog towards you, causing glare.

These are typically set lower than headlights. Furthermore, you should only use these in thick mists or in conditions where lights are not efficient.

Knowing all these, you should now be able to make a more informed decision about which H11 headlight you should pick. You should also take into account the environment you frequent, your style preferences, and your budget. Here are our top 5 picks for H11 lights.​

The Verdict

The OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlights win by a close margin. It’s LED so compared to halogen and other lights, they have a longer lifespan and emit a cooler color. It’s very durable and has technology that protects it from overheating. The 2-year warranty is also a welcome addition.

The HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs were also a real competitor. However, the fact that it heats up too easily becomes a problem. This is probably owed to by the fact that they are brighter than the Fluxbeams. Other than that, they have similar features.

Choosing headlights requires proper research especially if you live in a place that is poorly lit at night. It makes for a safer and worry-free drive. With the Fluxbeam bulbs, they’re long-lasting, crisp, bright, and have additional features that make them more durable.​

Steven K. Galloway