5 of the Best Off Road Lights That Can Survive The Toughest Trails!

Auxbeam 42” LED Light Bar 240W LED Work Light Off Road Lights Spot Flood Combo Beam 80pcs3W CREE Chips Curved 5D Lens for Car Jeep SUV UTV ATV Pickup Truck with Wiring Harness

With the advent of technology, things have been better for our cars. Your vehicle got all the upgrades that it needs to make it travel and road-worthy. It is a sweet disposition for you, as a car owner. In fact, the development has been so good that even your ordinary road lights today are nowhere near in the past.

For off-road purposes, the best off road lights are an extreme necessity. They are not just mere optional accessories that you can leave in your garage. The path that you thread on off-road excursions can be pretty severe. It is a trail that is not for everybody. Unless you have a large vehicle and myriad of emergency tools to display, you can't take this challenge head-on.

Because of this fact, enthusiasts like you and me should invest in off-road lights that are suitable rugged and diverse applications. In this way, we can always guarantee our safety while are conquering those treacherous paths that are in front of us.

I have listed several units of off-road lights that you can entrust to your vehicle. Most of these came from reputable brands, so I am quite sure that you are familiar with some of them, if not, all.

Best Off Road Lights: Our 5 Top Picks

Top 5 Best Off Road Lights Reviews

#1 – Auxbeam 42” LED Light Bar 240W LED Work Light Off Road Lights Spot Flood Combo Beam 80pcs3W CREE Chips Curved 5D Lens for Car Jeep SUV UTV ATV Pickup Truck with Wiring Harness | Editor's Choice

Auxbeam 42” LED Light Bar 240W LED Work Light Off Road Lights Spot Flood Combo Beam 80pcs3W CREE Chips Curved 5D Lens for Car Jeep SUV UTV ATV Pickup Truck with Wiring Harness

The one that should top this list is the LED light that can work on harsh terrains. And for that, we should start with this off-road light from Auxbeam. Many off-road riders out there have been fascinated by the capabilities of this unit. It has a unique curved design that enables it to extend its reach further. You can say that this LED light doesn't have any blindsides at all.

It is notable that this LED light can generate up to 24,000 lumens of light. It is incredibly bright, which makes it deleterious for direct eye contact. But of course, this brightness allows the Auxbeam LED to throw it beams to distant ranges. It is a good option if you want to take your jeep on an exciting night ride.

Well, when it comes to its durability, the Auxbeam LED light has a relentless performance. It has an IP67 waterproof rating, which allows you to submerge it in on water for short periods. It is also shockproof and dustproof, thanks to its full-aluminum construction. Another thing that you are going to love about this unit is its high-temperature resistance. It can manage itself during hot and frigid seasons.


  • Designed for off-roading applications
  • Rugged and durable design
  • Illumination is extremely bright
  • Curved design broadened its coverage
  • Long lifespan


  • No drawbacks

#2 – LED Light Bar Nilight 20 Inch 126w LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo Led Bar Off Road Lights Driving Lights Led Fog Light Jeep Lights Boat Lighting ,2 Years Warranty | Runner-Up

LED Light Bar Nilight 20 Inch 126w LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo Led Bar Off Road Lights Driving Lights Led Fog Light Jeep Lights Boat Lighting ,2 Years Warranty

The Nilight is a renowned manufacturer of LED lights. We have seen the quality of their tactical flashlights and other working lights. Therefore, it is not a surprise anymore if one of their off-road views are on this list. Specifically, the Nilight LED Work Light is a work of art. The device can generate extremely bright beams and is capable of illuminating far distances.

The concentration of high-end LED chips enables the Nilight to produce concentrated lighting focus. Its power and performance don't dry up quickly. It has a rating of 30,000 hours of runtime, which is already an impressive feature. Other than that, this off-road light is quite ergonomic as well. It comes with an adjustable mounting bracket, which essential for altering the focus of the beam.

Furthermore, the Nilight LED light has a housing made of die-cast aluminum. This particular design prevents the LED light from overheating. As a result, its longevity in the field extends further. Don't worry. The housing itself is durable and rugged. It is a perfect choice for tackling off-road applications.


  • Weather-proof construction
  • Adjustable light focus
  • Provides powerful illumination
  • Comes with an extra long lifespan
  • Heavy-duty housing


  • Tricky installation procedure

#3 – Nilight 2PCS 18W 1260lm Spot Driving Fog Light Off Road Led Lights Bar Mounting Bracket for SUV Boat 4" Jeep Lamp,2 years Warranty | Budget-Friendly Option

Nilight 2PCS 18W 1260lm Spot Driving Fog Light Off Road Led Lights Bar Mounting Bracket for SUV Boat 4" Jeep Lamp,2 years Warranty

For sure, not all of you have the means to spend on expensive road lights. Well, it is something that you shouldn't be ashamed. After all, being frugal is a necessary trait these days. However, such predicament should not drag you down to weak and unsolicited options. You can find a myriad of decent road lights in the entry-level category. One of these is the Nilight 18W Spot Driving Off Road LED Light. This option should enlighten your way without breaking your bank account.

Since this one is a product manufactured by Nilight, you can guarantee on its quality. Just like its cousin, this one has a run time of 30,000 hours. It also has an absurd IP67 waterproof rating. Therefore, you can submerge it to as thick as 3.3 feet for 20 minutes. After that, you can still expect that this device will even run smoothly. Of course, it has a ruggedness that prevents the entry of dust and other harmful elements.

Because of it is an entry-level item, the illumination that it can generate is not as high as the first ones that I have featured. But of course, its brightness is still enough to provide you seamless visibility while you are on the road. Its working temperature is seemingly at the standard level of for off-roading.


  • Impressive waterproofing
  • Aluminum housing protects the electronics of the LED light from external elements
  • Compatible with different types of vehicles
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Can operate at various temperatures


  • Illumination is not as bright as other LED lights
  • The light does not have a switch or a wiring harness

#4 – HELLA 005750941 500FF Series Driving Lamp Kit | High-End Choice

HELLA 005750941 500FF Series Driving Lamp Kit

If you want a LED light that can take your game to the next level, you might want to consider this set from HELLA. Compared to the rest of the LED lights that I have featured here, the HELLA Driving Lamp Kit does not follow the modern rectangular bar design. Instead, it supported the traditional circular housing. That is an excellent option for seasoned drivers who want to break through severe roads with the use of old-school methods.

The HELLA 500FF Series is utilizing lenses with bonded glasses. It also features ABS housings that ensures its sturdiness on the field. Both of these aforementioned components have been observed to resist strong impacts. They are also impervious from the common obstacles of off-road challenges such as water, dust, and snow. Meanwhile, the reflectors of this LED light have been vapor-coated so that moisture won't be able to seep through.

You can use the HELLA 500FF Series in different conditions and terrains. It won't give up on you. The device features an ergonomic wiring harness to ensure its quick performance and functionality. The set runs bright, too. Each of the LED light can give off around 3,000 to 4,000 lumens, depending on the model you choose).


  • Well-engineered construction and design
  • Free Form reflector optimizes its performance
  • Rugged electronics and circuitries
  • Improved waterproofing and dust-proofing
  • Can operate for straight 24 hours


  • Mounting and installation process is quite difficult

#5 – MICTUNING 22" 120W 3B139C Curved LED Work Light Bar Combo Off Road Driving Fog Light, 24-Month Warranty | Best Off-Road Light for Vehicle Compatibility

MICTUNING 22" 120W 3B139C Curved LED Work Light Bar Combo Off Road Driving Fog Light, 24-Month Warranty

Multiple vehicles are compatible with off-roading. You can work with ATV, SUV, Polaris, Jeeps, and whatever beast that comes into your mind. Of course, these vehicles have different shapes and surface. Not all off-road lights can be versatile enough to fit these said platforms. Fortunately, there is the MICTUNING Curved LED Work Light Bar that can save your day.

Specifically, this LED light has a curved design so that it can have a better light coverage. It comes with a unique bracket that is compatible with multiple off-road vehicles. This mounting system is adjustable as well. Therefore, you can change the angle of the beam, depending on your needs. The housing is rugged and durable. No elements like dust and debris can enter the internal parts of this LED light.

You can also spot a reflector cup on each of the LEDs. The role of these cups is to maximize the lighting output of the device. It is way better than flat LEDs when it comes to producing flood beam patterns. Because of this capability, the light can reach farther distances than most of its competitors.


  • Comes with cooling fins for faster heat dissipation
  • IP67 waterproofing
  • Extra-rugged die-cast aluminum housing
  • Bright illumination
  • Throws light at far distances


  • The light floods too much
  • Installation is a little hard

Tips for Choosing the Best Off Road Lights

The market is always competitive. That's the biggest reason why we got to see a lot of LED light bars and pods nowadays. Of course, it is pretty apparent already that not all are made to perform the same capabilities. Admittedly, some of them suck. That's an inevitable thing that we have to accept.

So how can you get the best option for your bucks? Well, there are few things to consider in mind. Here are they:

Floodlight or Combination Light

If you are looking for a LED light for off-roading activities, the bulbs or diodes that it has should exhibit a floodlight beam. Alternatively, you could also use the combination of floodlight and spotlight.

Well, the reason for this is simple. Trailing off-road courses at night or dark environments will require you a broad illumination. As much as possible, the sides should be covered as well, with no blindsides that you will worry you. It is a given already that off roads are not maintained. Therefore, debris like logs and rocks are always in the realm of possibilities. So should be able to see them at a safe distance so that you can maneuver your way through them.

Furthermore, wild animals are always roaming carelessly on these roads. We don't want to harm clueless creatures like deer while we are having fun, right? You can be a less hazard on the road if your LED light has these features.


You can never take sensitive and fragile LED lights on off-road applications. They might work well on smooth highways, but on harsh terrains, they would even last a day. In these challenging courses, you will encounter bumps and other obstructions that can easily beat the hell out of your vehicle.

Yes. Your truck is tough. However, it is only the vehicle. But how about the rest of its augmented accessories? Are they durable and rugged enough to withstand these tests? We all know that the lights are one of the most sensitive parts of any vehicle. If they don't possess sturdy and reliable housings, they will break in front of you.

You can always know if a LED off road light is durable by looking at the composition of its materials. For example, you can trust a unit if it comes with an aluminum housing. Furthermore, the lenses should be reinforced as well to ensure that they can endure the punishments that an off-road excursion can bring.


When we are talking about LED lights or any other related light-emitting sources, you should always consider their brightness. Precisely, you can measure the intensity of the light into lumens. The higher the lumens is, the brighter would be the light.

Fortunately, you don't need to do manual calculations just to figure out the lumen rating of a particular LED light. Manufacturers have already included this information on the labels of their product.

Because of this, it is easier for you to stack and compare your options. Depending on your needs, you can go for those high-end LED lights that can produce 15,000 to 20,000 lumens. Take note that such degree of illumination is exceptionally bright already. A decent LED light is already acceptable for off-road applications if it can generate somewhere around 1,000 to 8,000 lumens of brightness.

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The Breaking Point

Driving off-road is riveting and equally hair-raising. It is the most exciting leisure that you can engage together with your massive toy. But regardless of the thrill it brings, off-roading would still be deleterious and cumbersome if you don't have the best off road lights installed on your truck. They allow you to ride any courses safely and confidently.

You have seen the factors that are necessary for choosing an off-road light. If you combine all these considerations, it is pretty clear that the Auxbeam 42" LED Light Bar toppled the entire competition. It is an ultra-durable LED light that can lavish seamless floodlight beams. The light it produces is exceptionally bright and can reach far distances. You can trust all the off road lights that I have mentioned here, but this one should come first on your list.

Was this article helpful? If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to me in the comment section below.

Steven K. Galloway