Best Winch for Jeep For Every Off-road Applications: All You Need to Know

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch - 9500 lb. Load Capacity

Your jeep is not suitable for the safe roads. It is always meant to tackle the problematic trails and the harshest environment. Its entire structure is intended to convey that the wild is its home.

However, we all know that our jeep doesn't win all the time. In some circumstances, we find ourselves in the middle of vehicular troubles while threading a treacherous path. We typically suffer from being stuck in a deep crevice or bent suspensions. Well, these things are quite standard since you are dealing with severe terrains. But since it is already a given, you should probably invest on the best winch for jeep right now.

A winch is a valuable tool that allows you to pull out your vehicle from being stuck permanently on the road. Offroads are truly a challenge. But this particular device can make it surpassable. It can either pull or take out any hurdles that even vehicles can't do. So if you can get a good option for this machinery, your time on the road would be smooth and less aggravating.

Check out some of the best winch for jeep that you can find on the market today.

Top-Rated Options for the Best Winch for Jeep

#1 – Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch - 9500 lb. Load Capacity

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch - 9500 lb. Load Capacity

If you are quite familiar with winches, then you probably have heard about the Smittybilt XRC Winch. This tough guy has all the capabilities that can ensure that your ride won't have a downtime on the trail. It is using a three-stage gear system and a 6.6-HP amphibious motor. These components alone scream quality and ruggedness. You can guarantee that this one is suitable for heavy-duty applications. Moreover, the entire parts are waterproof too.

The entire kit of the Smittybilt XRC Winch has all the wires needed for installation. For me, I recommend that you should only use the pack that comes with the package. Otherwise, the entire machinery might not function well. Meanwhile, this winch features a line pull of 9,500 pounds, which is extremely strong and overwhelming already. It comes with an automatic in-drum brake to ensure the smoothness of the pull. It also features a three-point solenoid mounting system. It won't budge even if your jeep is heavy and bulky.


  • Ultra-rugged and durable construction
  • Made for extreme off-road applications
  • IP67 Waterproofing
  • Highly-rated line pull
  • Comes with a sturdy motor and stable mounting system


  • No noticeable drawbacks

#2 – Smittybilt (97510) X2O Waterproof Winch - 10000 lb. Load Capacity

Smittybilt (97510) X2O Waterproof Winch - 10000 lb. Load Capacity

It would be logical that the next big thing that should follow the Smittybilt 97495 Winch is another product from the same company. That is where the Smittybilt X2O Waterproof Winch comes into play. This one has the same power and mechanism as its brother. That's why it is quite difficult to choose which one of them is better. But regardless of your verdict, I am sure that this one has a lot of features to offer.

The line pull rating of this winch is at 10,000 pounds. The 6.6 HP motor powers it, which is considered to be the highest torque in the industry today. You can guarantee that it can pull your truck wherever it is stuck. There is also an integrated wireless remote control that comes with this device. The remote will allow you to operate the winch in a hassle-free manner. Of course, it is still using the three-stage planetary gear system for unyielding strength and smoothness in operation.


  • Tile rod struts are oversized for enhanced pull strength
  • Inductive braking system lessens the heat generation of this machinery
  • High-class motor system
  • Improved weather protection
  • Extremely stable mounting system


  • Its cable is not that flexible

#3 – Superwinch 1585202 LP8500 Winch Gen II 12 VDC 8500lbs/3856kg, steel hawse, handheld remote

Superwinch 1585202 LP8500 Winch Gen II 12 VDC 8500lbs/3856kg, steel hawse, handheld remote

Another super winch that you should bet your money is the Superwinch LP8500 Winch Gen II 12 VDC. It has almost similar capabilities and qualities as the Smittybilt winch, which makes it a reliable choice, minus the cost in the market today, there are two models of Superwinch that you can get: the LP10000 and LP8500. As their model names suggest, the LP8500 can offer a guaranteed line pull of 8,500 pounds while the LP1000 can give it at 10000 pounds.

This option can provide tremendous horsepower that you should always consider. It works well on any 4x4s and other utility vehicles. It integrated a three-stage planetary gear system, which has an all-metal construction. Meanwhile, the wire rope that it has is pure steel. It has a diameter of 5/16 inches and length of 94 feet. You should not also worry about its power, as it comes with a 4.5 HP wound motor which can easily connect to the battery of your jeep.


  • High line pull rating
  • Comes with an automatic load braking to prevent rope slips
  • Solenoid mounting system
  • Features a circuit breaker shield to elude damages in any weather conditions
  • Remote switch has a 15-foot cable for better ergonomics


  • Its reversing mechanism is not that always smooth
  • times-circle
    Does not come with a base plate for mounting

#4 – Warn 89120 ZEON 12 Winch with Wire Rope - 12000 lb. Capacity

Warn 89120 ZEON 12 Winch with Wire Rope - 12000 lb. Capacity

If you want a high-caliber, top-performing winch, you need to have the guts to invest in something bigger and lucrative. Well, if you can do so, then just do it. If offroading is indeed your passion, a rugged winch is something that you should have. One of the best options that you can have when it comes to a high-end winch is the Warn 89120 ZEON 12. It features a 12,000-pound line-pull capacity that is exceptionally balanced. The roller fairlead and wire rope are already integrated into the system so you should not worry about the assembly process anymore.

Of course, this masterpiece is not something that you can't see every day. It is among the few units out there that features an industrial grade cast-aluminum housing for extreme durability. There is a muck-busting sealing that was applied on this winch to ensure that it won't be susceptible to many offroad damages. Furthermore, it offers a control pack that you enable you to mount it any manner that you want. The series wound motor, and the planetary gear train of this device fully optimizes for faster and quieter operation.


  • Can pull up to 12,000 pounds of load
  • IP68 sealing for seamless protection against the elements
  • Smooth, fast, and powerful dragging force
  • Can be mounted in any way you want
  • Extra durable construction and finish


  • It is an expensive winch

#5 – Warn 89040 Vantage 4000 Winch - 4000 lb. Capacity

Warn 89040 Vantage 4000 Winch - 4000 lb. Capacity

For those that have small trucks and jeeps, the Warn 89040 Vantage 4000 Winch is the best option for you. Among the winches that I have featured here, this one has the lowest pulling capacity. It can only drag around 4,000 pounds of load. But hey, if your vehicle is not that big, why do you need to invest in something that proves to be overkill? However, you should never underestimate the specs of this machine. Take note that this one is from a manufacturer called Warn. Therefore, you should always expect the best from it.

Just like those large winches, the Warn 89040 Vantage 4000 Winch has a fully sealed construction. The motor and sensitive parts are covered to protect them from the ordinary offroad detriments. The power and efficiency of this machine are still present, thanks to its three-stage planetary gear train. Meanwhile, its control is superb, too. After all, it has a mechanical spring brake mechanism that prevents the wire from snapping out.


  • Corrosion and rust-resistant construction
  • Rugged planetary gear train system for stable and robust pulls
  • Comes with a powder-coated fairlead that reduces the wearing out process of the rope
  • Provides efficient control while it is pulling
  • Seamless design prevents the elements from getting inside


  • Installation is quite quirky
  • The wires are too short

How to Choose the Best Winch for Jeep

Specifically, the winch is a portable machine that is for pulling, hoisting, and hauling vehicles. You can see this device being brought by offroad and extreme riders since the trails that they take are always harsh and severe.

The necessary components of this item are the following: a cable, a drum, and a myriad of gears. You manually attach the wire to the object that you are going to pull. After this, the device draws the object with the help of a series wound motor or a permanent magnet motor. But most of the time, it is the former that is being used by manufacturers as they are more powerful and stable than their counterparts.

To get the best winch for your intended application, better heed the following considerations:


The capacity of a winch rates through the load that it can pull. Technically, it is called the line pull rating. The latter is an integration of the mechanical strength of the machine and the tensile capacity of the line. Take note that the rated capacity of winches is different. Fortunately, most of them have labels to the device from their manufacturers.

But if not, you should just have to look at the initial layer of the cable. This is the one that is nearest to the drum. Usually, the first layer comes with the smallest gear ratio. That means that the first cable has the steadiest pull. So how do you know if the pull of a particular winch is enough for you jeep? Well, you just have to look for the gross vehicle weight of your ride and have it multiplied to 1.5.

Cable Length

Don't ever think that winches with long cables are the best options. If a winch contains a lot of line on its drum, then it could either be a blessing or a curse. In the previous section, I mentioned that the first layer of the line has the steadiest pull. Therefore, to get to that segment, you need to unwind a lot of lines. But upon doing so, there is a good chance that the line will get tangled and jammed.

Because of this, a lot of users prefer winches that comes with small or less line. However, I do recommend that you should get an extra extension just to be on the safe side. You can do this alternative especially if the winch is using a synthetic cable. Today, the ideal length for winch cables is 100 feet. Meanwhile, the extension should be around 50 feet.


A winch can have a drivetrain that is different from the others. In the market today, three drivetrains are commonly used. They are the planetary gear, spur gear, and worm gear. Regardless of which you choose, just keep in mind that drivetrains are essential to the function of the winch.

Spur Gear

A winch that has spur gears can usually dedicate quick but low amperage on the speed of the line. That is due to the low internal gear friction that is due to the interaction of the big and small spur gears. As a result, they require immense brake so that the device can carry the load steadily.

Worm Gear

Worm gears are older than spur gears. However, the new worm gears that are popular today are not "pure" or "original" anymore. Correctly, the worm gear is attached to the motor of the winch with the help of a spur gear. The latter provides additional reduction to the worm gear, which improves the overall efficiency of the winch.

Because of this setup, winches that are using worm gears can hold loads effectively. They only require minimum braking power. They are also extremely robust, which makes them famous for tow trucks. But because they have an active gear reduction, their performance is slower than planetary winches.

Planetary Gear

Planetary gears are small in size and cost. They are the most cost-efficient approach for a drivetrain. When it comes amperage draw and friction, planetary gears are somewhat more reliable than spur gears and worm gears. The only downside that it has is that the braking component in the middle of the drum of planetary gear winches tends to get hot while holding a load.

Final Verdict

The best winch for jeep can save your vehicle from being stuck in a deep crevice or a towering obstacle. If you are riding alone, it is prim and proper that you got this tool along with you. By having a winch alone, you can be confident that every trail you take you can also overcome.

I have listed several winches in this article. They are among the most-sought models on the market today. Precisely, the Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch, and Smittybilt (97510) X2O Waterproof Winch possess superb capabilities that can trounce any hard challenges while you are offroading. They can pull heavy vehicles with stability and guarantee that nothing will go wrong along the way.

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Steven K. Galloway