Black & Decker PAV1200W 12-Volt Handheld Vacuum Review

Black & Decker PAV1200W 12-Volt Cyclonic-Action Automotive Pivoting-Nose Handheld Vacuum CleanerWhat is it you are worried the most about your car interior? Are you worried about maintaining its pristine appearance when you are out on the road? Or, do you recollect with a frown that cleaning the vents and similar tight spaces of your car is often strenuous? It may very well be the reduced suction power of your car that you have linked to your congested car filter.

The good news is, whatever the challenge, a premium solution is on the table, and it takes the form of a terrific automotive handheld vacuum cleaner from the stable of the reputable brand—Black & Decker. For effective performance and very convenient usage, this top of the line vacuum cleaner offers an impressive cyclonic action technology that you can only find on elite Black and Decker vacuum models.

Thanks to the awesome cyclonic action technology and many other remarkable features, there is virtually no type of dirt, however stubborn, that can stand up to the very efficient Black & Decker PAV1200W 12-Volt Handheld Vacuum.

As a result, you can rest easy knowing that the PAV1200W has got you covered when you are on the go; that the PAV1200W would be able to clean those dicey, tricky areas of your car seamlessly; unclog your filter for better performance; and effectively perform whatever other cleaning task you have to do.

Why You Should Buy the Black & Decker PAV1200W?

Premium Brand

One top draw for this model is the brand name inscribed on it. Black and Decker is a synonym for premium quality and have been in the game of putting out the best products since 1910. This 100-year legacy has seen plenty of inventions popping on the scene, from products like the trigger switch, portable electric drill, pistol grip to the very recent proprietary technology—cyclonic suction.

Suction Pressure

Staying true to the reputation that Black and Decker products are known for, the PAV1200W Automotive Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has a tremendous suction pressure of 340mm of water and an equally enthralling airflow of 800 liters per minute.

If numbers make your head spin, you shouldn’t feel lost still. The bottom line is that the awesome suction pressure of the device enables it to extract/suck up stubborn pieces of dirt as well as strands of unwanted substances like hair and fabrics.

Furthermore, it is excellent at eliminating dust particles, which is wonderful news for those who have allergy concerns. This capability is impinged on it by its extensive double action 3-stage filtration system.


Armed with a 12V adapter, you can power the Black and Decker PAV1200W 12-Volt Handheld Vacuum at home using your garage power outlet, and importantly on the road using your car’s cigarette lighter socket. This offers the device versatility in operation and is incredibly convenient for use.

Therefore, you do not have to be a wall-hugger and can do a quick clean while on the road. And at the same time, you do not have to worry about lackluster battery life, like you would with many cordless vacuums.

Furthermore, with a power consumption of just 12.5 Watts, using the device at home would not take a huge toll on your energy bill.


With a dustbowl capacity of 350 ml (11.8 oz.), you would be able to cover a lot of ground and take in a copious amount of dirt before you have to empty the dustbowl.

Cyclonic Action

This is the flagship feature of the Black and Decker PAV1200W. Cyclonic Action is a proprietary technology that offers terrific performance coupled with engineering tweaks that results in lower buildup of dirt on the filter as well as strong fidelity of the suction, so that the suction remains stronger over an extended period of time.

As a result, maintenance is as seamless as you could ever hope for. Cleaning the device as part of regular maintenance is mess-free, and you can remove debris from the filter effortlessly with the help of the filter refresh knob.

Length of the Cord

The PAV1200W auto vacuum cleaner has a cord length of 16 feet (approximately 5 meters). This extensive length allows for comprehensive cleanup as you can reach virtually all the nooks and crannies within the car.

Thanks to the lengthy cord, you would never have to complain about being restricted during cleaning. Just as importantly, when you are done with cleaning, you can easily roll the cord and keep it in place with a clip on the end of the cord, for neat storage.


The PAV1200W auto vac sports three attachments that you can use to increase the effectiveness of the device. They include:

  • Brush attachment – for agitating debris located in the carpet fibers
  • Rectangle-to-circle attachment – for attaching the brush
  • Tube attachment – for accessing areas of your car interior that are difficult to reach

The pivoting action end offers an impressive array of directions in which you can tilt it. As a result, you can tilt it to facilitate access under the seats. Furthermore, it has a smaller arm that you can use for extra, more localized reach.

In addition to these attachments, Black and Decker include the following accessories to the PAV1200W Pivoting-Nose Automotive vacuum packaging:

  • Flexible hose
  • Plastic pre-filter
  • Dishwater Safe Filter (PVF100)
  • Right-handed brush tool
  • Storage bag

Pros & Cons


  • Portability – With a weight of only 1 pound, and small dimensions, the Black & Decker PAV1200W is a lightweight model that you can use for extensive cleaning for a long time without having fatigue. In addition, the reduced size is great for easy and compact storage. More impressive is the fact that its performance is top notch in spite of its portability.
  • Affordable – The Black and Decker PAV1200W is the best affordable corded car vacuum available.
  • Plenty of Useful Features – A lot of features are available on the PAV1200W car vac that makes it a great vacuum to purchase. You get the widely acclaimed cyclonic action technology, exciting portability, two years warranty, expansive dustbowl, lightweight build, extended cord length, durability, terrific ease of use, and impressive versatility of use.
  • Different Colors – You can choose to purchase the model in either of two colors—Red or Black.


  • Relatively small size of the nozzle
  • Power efficiency could be better


For the price, there is nothing else you could want for in a car vacuum that the Black & Decker PAV1200W 12-Volt Handheld Vacuum does not offer. It offers the amazing performance in a compact, lightweight build with an accompanying tremendous ease and versatility of use.

In fact, it is not a question of if it is worth the price, but if there is any other car vacuum in its price range that offers better. And the reality is that, there is none.

Steven K. Galloway