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Top 9 Essential Things You Should Keep in Your Car [UPDATED]

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death throughout a good part of the world. Sadly, many of these deadly accidents could have been prevented. Sometimes, it only takes an item or two to save your life during an accident.

essential things you should keep in your car

When we talk about the essential things that you should keep in your car, we don’t speak of makeup, neckties, or your favorite album. In this case, the important things that are all about safety and convenience are listed.

This is because everybody has different lifestyles. That’s why we’re not putting the best album of The Beatles even though we want to. With that said, here’s a list of the top items that must be in your car. Take note that there’s no ranking for this list. Every item has its importance depending on how you look at it!

Top 9 Essential Things You Should Keep in Your Car

#1 First aid kit and your essential medicines

aid kit

We’re putting the first aid kit here as the first thing to put in your car. This applies particularly to a lot of drivers out there overlook this item. First aid kits usually have disinfectants, gauze, essential medicine, and small tools like scissors.

If you have a history of allergies, better bring them because an allergy might strike anytime. The same goes if you have asthma. If you get an asthma attack, it can be fatal particularly as it deals with your respiratory system. Always make sure to have an inhaler with you.

#2 Emergency food

Food is something we all like and need, and having one stocked in your car is a big difference. Foremost, this is a crucial item if you’re headed to the rural outdoors. If in case you miscalculate your travel time, chances are hunger might strike. Driving with a hungry stomach can make you irritable and disoriented.

With that said, stock food that does not perish. Have a few biscuits stored near your dashboard. You can even take it further by having canned food like Spam and sardines to satisfy an unexpected hunger strike.

#3 Water bottles

Speaking of travel time, there are a lot of incidents in countries such as the United States where travelers get stranded in the middle of nowhere. For example, if you’re in a sweltering place such as Arizona, thirst is the first problem you might encounter.

With that said, stock a lot of water bottles. Put a lot. It might be extra weight to your car, and it might take up the room, but water bottles are one of the most valuable items out there for any circumstance.

#4 Everything That Fixes Your Car

We don’t mean everything here. But think of it as a first aid kit for your car. This lets you avoid getting stranded due to a busted engine. Some of the necessary things your car would need is an extra jerry can of gas, oil, duct tape, jumper cables, and a spare tire.

tools fix your car

Having tools such as wrenches, jack stands, and screwdrivers go hand-in-hand with these items. If you’re driving somewhere far, then having an extra battery is also a good idea.

#5 Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguisher

Another overlooked item in this list, the fire extinguisher can save you from death. There’s a lot of incidents where cars blow up due to different reasons. Hence, these cars catch fire, and it spreads so quickly.

Having a fire extinguisher with you is all it takes to prevent fire in your engine from reaching your gas tank. You don’t need a big one, getting a small-sized fire extinguisher is enough. Be sure to store it near the driver’s seat where you can easily access it.

#6 Car adapter/phone charger

We’re in the 21st century, and almost everyone has a cellphone. Communication is essential if an accident happens to you. So make sure that battery is always color green.

#7 Umbrella

Here’s more of an essential item that helps you avoid colds. If you’re driving to work, you might want to keep one in your car always. You wouldn’t want to get soaked before starting your day at the office.

#8 Emergency Radio

emergency radio

You wouldn’t want to rely on your cell phone every time. It has its limits especially when it comes to signal. With that said, have an emergency radio in your car, so you have a backup communication device if a catastrophe happens.

#9 Flashlight

The last item on our list is probably one of the greatest inventions out there that you can buy under $10. There’s a lot of dark corners in your car where you can use a flashlight. Dropped your keys and thought it’s under the seat? A flashlight will save the day. Fixing your vehicle’s chassis or even the engine would require a flashlight, too.


There are more important things out there. It’s all about assessing yourself on what you need depending on your lifestyle. With that said, top 9 items listed here can arguably make a case for being one of the necessary items for any driver.

After all, all of the items here point out to one word: SAFETY!!!

Steven K. Galloway