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Comprehensive General AltiMAX RT43 Review: A Touring All-Season Tire that Hits the Mark

General AltiMAX RT43

Product Information Summary

  • Brand/Manufacturer: General Tire
  • Product Name: AltiMAX
  • Product Number: RT43
  • Tire Performance Category: Standard Touring All-Season
  • Tread Depth: 10/32” to 12/32”
  • Vehicles: Standard Sedans, Coupes, Hatchbacks and other compact cars; Minivans, CUVs, and SUVs
  • Noise Level: Low
  • Warranty: Up to 75,000 miles

Highlights of the General AltiMAX RT43

  • High-tech twin cushion silica tread compound
  • Peak anti-slip design technology
  • Symmetric tread pattern
  • Low surface abrasion technology
  • Unique acoustic modulation sound technology
  • Early warning visual alignment indicators
  • thumbs-up
    Integrated replacement tire monitor

It only gets better

The AltiMAX RT was General Tires top-selling standard touring all-season tire. But even the best products require an upgrade, and the RT got one in the form of the AltiMAX RT43.

With the RT43, it was all about improvements (both subtle and substantial) in all areas that matter to anyone looking to install a touring all-season tire—versatility, enhanced handling, excellent road noise, exquisite ride comfort, and extended tread life.

In this in-depth, concise General AltiMAX RT43 review, we discuss these improvements, how the RT43 stacks up against the competition, its performance, and just as importantly, if its price tag is apt.

General AltiMAX RT43 Review in 2018

Features of the General AltiMAX RT43

Twin Cushion Silica Tread Compound and Symmetric Tread Pattern

General Tires sought to shake things up with the use of a twin cushion silica tread compound supplemented by an improved symmetric tread pattern to help:

  • provide better traction and grip on both wet and dry terrains
  • enhance ride comfort and stability

Low Surface Abrasion Technology (LSA)

Low Surface Abrasion Technology

Photo: http://generaltire.com/

The RT43 totes the LSA technology with an objective to keep tire wear uniform or even, and in so doing, extend its treadlife or life span.

Peak Anti-Slip Design Technology (PASD)

Peak Anti-Slip Design Technology

Photo: http://generaltire.com/

And all of those sipes that add to the excellent aesthetics the AltiMAX RT43 were carefully designed as part of its proprietary PASD tech to provide more biting edges for better grip and traction.

This feature is especially important for acceptable performance on slippery roads.

Acoustic Modulation Sound Technology

The AltiMAX RT43 keeps its noise level down to an almost unnoticeable level, thanks to its acoustic modulation sound technology with sound suppression properties.

Warning Indicators

Keeping in mind that the RT43 would likely see heavy use, General Tires went all out by outfitting the tire with two indicators for quick, seamless visual inspection of tread wear. They are:

  • Early Warning Visual Alignment Indicators (VAI) to identify vehicle misalignment and ascertain if tread wear is even. The VAI consist of a small cluster of evenly spaced sipes. You’d have to check after a few thousand miles for any sign of tire misalignment—as that would indicate the need for re-balancing.
Early Warning Visual Alignment Indicators

Photo: http://generaltire.com/

  • Integrated Replacement Tire Monitor (RTM) to inform you when you need to replace the tire. The monitor is in the form of a unique stamp built into the tread with the words “Replacement Tire Monitor”. When the tread wears to a point where replacement becomes necessary, the stamp will show “Replace Tire” instead.
Integrated Replacement Tire Monitor

Photo: http://generaltire.com/

How does the AltiMAX RT43 Perform?

On Dry Terrain

General AltiMAX RT43 Dry Performance

Photo source: http://dieseltrucks.us/

In general, buyers of a standard touring all-season tire are likely to use it more often on the highway. Therefore, it is no surprise, that the AltiMAX RT43 has an outstanding highway performance.

Its high-tech twin cushion silica tread and smart, contoured, symmetric tread design help it react exceptionally well to different road blemishes and bumps. This helps provide proper contact, friction, and balance with the road surface without excessive tread wear or noise.

On Wet Terrain

For good performance on wet roads, the RT43 takes advantage of its peak anti-slip sipe technology and four circumferential grooves to prevent hydroplaning.

The sipes and grooves channel the water away from the tread surface, thereby giving the tread surface extra bite for better grip and traction on slick roads. The General AltiMAX RT43 performance on wet road would enable you drive, corner, and brake with confidence.

On Snow and Ice

It may not be rated for heavy snow use but the RT43 sure holds up to light snow and ice.

Unless you see heavy snowfall in your area, then the AltiMAX RT43 in keeping with its all-season designation would serve you just well through light winters, slush and icy patches, and changing seasons.

It wouldn’t give you the best snow performance comparable to winter tires, but thanks to its sipes and grooves, you’d get a good enough performance for a touring tire.

Using the AltiMAX RT43


The twin cushion silica tread doesn’t only help with traction, it also does provide remarkable ride stability and comfort—owing to its mix of high and low density rubber that absorbs (softens) impact from the road.

This ability of the silica tread to absorb vibrations allows for a smooth ride. Additionally, its continuous center rib provides extra steering response, handling, and grip.


Ride quality improves substantially when the noise level is low. And the AltiMAX RT43 gets this vital box checked thanks to its unique acoustic modulation sound technology. To put it simply, the road noise of the RT43 would be among the lowest of all the tires you’ve used.


General Tires beefed the RT43 up with as many bells and whistles as they could squeeze in for the price. And they include:

  • its surface abrasion technology to limit treadwear,
  • a fairly stiff sidewall for better resistance to sidewall cuts, scratches, punctures
  • dual wear monitors to indicate when your tire needs to be realigned or replaced; thereby ensuring longer lifespan

Together, the AltiMAX RT43 is able to cross the 50,000-mile threshold routinely despite having only an average tread depth of between 10/32” and 12/32”.


The General AltiMAX RT43 is available in three speed configurations—H, T, and V. Furthermore, it is available in up to 84 different sizes with the rim diameter ranging from 13” to 19”.

So yea, General Tires sure provided a lot of options. And there’s bound to be something for you, regardless of how finicky you are with tire specs.


General Tires offers a limited treadwear warranty of 65,000 miles for all H & V rated RT43 models, and 75,000 miles (an average of 6 years) for all T rated RT43 models.

Sizes and Specifications of the General AltiMAX RT43

Sizes Specifications of the General AltiMAX RT43

Photo via: http://generaltire.com/

Downsides of the AltiMAX RT43

In a perfect world, we’d only need one type of tire for all terrains and weather conditions. But we are stuck in this one, and that means recognizing the fact that there’d be limitations to any type of tire that rolls off the conveyor belt.

The AltiMAX RT43 is a standard touring all-season tire. The long of short of that categorization is that it’s great for highway use and can handle small water puddles and light snow. Beyond that, and you’re asking for too much.

There’s no point taking it off-road or using it under heavy snowy conditions. It has neither an M+S nor a 3PMSF rating. We recommend the Mastercraft MXT (for off-road) or Falken WildPeak AT3W (for better all terrain performance).

But if you need a quality tire with exceptional highway performance, remarkable comfort, outstanding low noise level, and can handle a bit of wet driving and snow; then you can’t go wrong with the AltiMAX RT43. It is easily one of the best in its class.

Wrapping Up

Product upgrades aren’t always a smooth, seamless affair. Sometimes, things go wrong somewhere and the updated model turns out to be an embarrassment. General Tires navigated the thorny fields of tire upgrades expertly, and delivered an all-new standard touring tire that builds on the success of the RT with a couple of improvements to boot.

Here is a concise recap of the RT43 pros:

  • Top-end on-road performance
  • Decent handling, grip, and traction in wet and snowy conditions
  • Very low road noise
  • Extreme tread life for a touring tire
  • Lengthy warranty of up to 75,000 miles

An improved tread compound, reduced abrasion, wear indicators, sound suppression, enhanced sipe design… There’s more than meets the eye about the RT43. But its biggest plus point is that it does what it’s designed to do exceptionally well, at a wallet-friendly price point, for a long time.

And this General AltiMAX RT43 review tells you the how and why. The RT43 tire is perfect for those who usually do highway commute and do not intend to expose it to extreme weather conditions (whether it is dry off-road, mud, or winter/ice).

Steven K. Galloway