How long does an alignment take?

how long does an alignment take

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No matter how new or how expensive your vehicle might be, its wheels are bound to experience either slight or severe misalignment. Mostly due to the wear and tear it goes through as you use it regularly.

However, you should not panic. Wheel alignment should be a part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance routine. That is why it might also be vital for you to know how long does an alignment take.

All About Wheel Alignment

Just as we mentioned earlier, having your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked and fixed should be nothing new. Especially if you like having it maintained and in top shape. However, if there are some things about wheel alignment that still might seem unclear to you, then here’s a brief guide!

Wheel alignment merely is just re-adjusting your wheels’ angles to revert to their original alignment set to its maker’s specifications. Simply put, this is just similar to having your phone reverted to its factory settings.

However, do note that this is different from having your wheels balanced. Wheel balancing is an entirely different concept.

Although sometimes not visible, wheels get slightly misaligned by a few degrees too. But again, this is nothing serious. Some even know how to fix their vehicle’s wheel alignment themselves.

However, do note that misalignment in your wheels can also affect the overall performance of your vehicle. First is that it causes your steering wheel to be off-center. That is one good symptom to look at so you’d know when your wheels are not as aligned as they should be.

As a driver, you would know that the steering wheel has its most “center” point. And unless the vehicle is in use or is making a turn, then the steering wheel must be at its center.

Another effect or symptom you can even look into would be uneven wearing out of tires. If the right tires seem to be more worn out than the left (or vice versa), then this might be a sign that your wheels are misaligned.

And finally, you might be noticing how your vehicle seems to be pulling or drifting off to specifically one side only. Do not mistake this for a wobbly or unstable handling of the steering wheel. That is especially true if you are already a good driver.

If you feel as if your vehicle unnaturally drifts off to one side and it might be because of your wheel alignment, then you should not hesitate to get it checked.

So how long does an alignment take?

And now, to answer the question, how long does an alignment take? It usually takes about 25 to 45 minutes in an average vehicle. However, for some, it might take longer, especially if your wheels are encountering more issues than just a slight misalignment. Just the check-up itself might even consume some time.

Sometimes, it also depends on whether you will be having all four wheels aligned or just the front wheels. So do not feel bad if your wheel alignment seems to be taking too long or too short.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to the duration of getting wheels aligned.

In The End

There are only averages and estimations as to how long wheel alignment takes. But what’s important is, you head to a credible and trustworthy car care and maintenance professional.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the procedures as well as the usual equipment used for aligning wheels to avoid getting scammed. Research is the key!

Steven K. Galloway