How to Remove Pinstripe: 3 Easy Methods to Try

how to remove pinstripe

Removing pinstripe from a car can be an arduous task without the right equipment. This is because one mistake can result to a damaged car paint. And this is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

Having your car repainted will cost more than all the equipment you’ll probably need to remove your car pinstripe properly. So today, we will be featuring a step by step guide on how to remove pinstripe from your vehicle.

Things You Might Need

Depending on which pinstripe removal method you might choose, here are some things you will need:

  • Hair dryer/heat gun – this can be used to help loosen up the adhesive on the pinstripe.
  • Plastic cutter – this will be used to run through underneath your car’s pinstripe.
  • Adhesive remover – adhesive removing sprays help remove any residue from car decals, stickers or pinstripes. (Ex. Goo Gone)
  • Car wax – whatever method you choose, you will need a car wax to apply on the affected area afterward to keep your vehicle paint as good as new.
  • Electric drill – any electric drill that you can attach a disc to will do. (Ex. Dremel Power Tools)
  • Rubbing alcohol – this can help soften up the adhesive on the pinstripe.
  • Cloth

The Procedure

Method 1

Step 1: Use your hair dryer or heat gun on the pinstripe

Before anything else, use your hair dryer or heat gun first to loosen up the adhesive of the pinstripe.

Start by its end or edge, where you will be peeling it off from. After loosening up the adhesive, you can now use your plastic cutter, or even an old credit card/ID will do.

Slowly and carefully run through the plastic cutter underneath the adhesive to break it off from your car’s surface. This is to avoid scraping off any paint accidentally.

If you feel the need to use the heat gun to loosen up the adhesive further, do so until it gets softer. Repeat the whole process until you remove the pinstripe completely.

Step 2: Remove any residue left

After entirely removing the pinstripe, remove any residue left with the adhesive remover spray such as the Goo Gone. You can buy these products at your local grocery stores or hardware stores.

Simply spray some adhesive remover and wipe/scrub off the residue with a clean cloth. Do not forget to apply wax on the affected area and the area surrounding it as well.

Method 2

remove pinstripe method 2

Step 1: Clean the area

Do not skip this step as it is crucial in keeping your car paint in top condition. Clean the surface area of the pin striping first as well as the area surrounding it. This will help keep you from damaging or scratching the paint.

You can use gentle car paint cleaners and specialized cloths to do the job.

Step 2: Attach the disc to your electric drill

Dremel tools or other electric drills allow you to connect different types of disc depending on what the purpose is. Make sure to connect the most suitable one for removing pinstripe.

Loosen up the side first before continuously using the drill to remove the pinstripe completely. Take your time doing this to avoid doing any damages to the paint.

Step 3: Apply adhesive remover and wax on the affected area

Again, whatever method you choose to do, always use adhesive remover and wax after the whole procedure. This lessens whatever damage your car paint might have incurred while the pinstripe is being removed.

But most importantly, it keeps your car paint looking shiny, new and scratchless. This is why this step should not ever be skipped.

Method 3

remove pinstripe method 3

The third method is as simple as pouring rubbing alcohol on the pinstripe until the adhesive loosens up. Then you start peeling it off by the edges using a cloth. After the process, just apply adhesive remove and wax again to clean up the affected area.


Removing car pinstripe should not be that complex. However, it can be pretty intricate, so as to avoid damaging your car’s paint. But with the right methods, technique, and equipment, you can do this, even if you’re a beginner or a non-professional.

Just simply be careful and take your time doing the whole process!