How to survive a long car journey with children

Are you planning for a long car journey with your family? It does sound like a great idea to go on long drives with your family. Are you planning to take your kids as well and are you already flustered thinking about the same? You have absolutely no need to worry. Follow these simple tips for all long car trips, so that you can enjoy your rides fully.


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  1. Plan your trips based on your kids’ schedule

When you are setting off for long car journeys, always ensure that you plan your trips based on the schedule of your kid. Kids can get cranky when their schedule gets affected. So ensure that their sleeping and eating patterns don’t go for a toss. Travelling while they are asleep is a win-win situation for you, because not only do they get enough rest, but you also get some peaceful time for yourself.

  1. Keep them engaged

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One of the best techniques to enjoy long car trips with kids is to keep them occupied. Kids have very short attention spans. So, you will have to carry a wide variety of things like puzzle games, arts & crafts kits, drawing kits, colours, toys, stickers, books, songs and rhymes CDs and the like. With all of these, kids can still get bored at times. So you can indulge them in some role plays, where you can encourage them to be a doctor, teacher, cop, etc.

  1. Pack a lot of snacks

When they have nothing else to do, kids can get fidgety. Therefore, you need to pack a lot of snacks (interesting ones at that!!) to divert their attention. Pamper them by packing their favourite sweets and snacks so that they get to eat quietly. Give them something healthy and interesting to munch on now and then so that they don’t feel hungry and irritated.

  1. Take frequent breaks

This is a very important point to note when you travel with kids. Irrespective of the age of your children, take frequent breaks, so that your kids can stretch their legs and experience fresh air. Apart from loo breaks, stop at picturesque places, take some photos and tell stories about that place to your kids, so that it will be a welcome change for them. Don’t keep them seated for long hours together and expect impeccable behaviour from them. They are after all kids, aren’t they?

  1. Satisfy their curiosities always

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Kids are known to ask you some difficult questions especially when you least expect it. In order to satisfy their curiosity, keep them intrigued about the place where you are travelling to. Tell them interesting stories about the place and kindle the eagerness in them. This will keep them excited enough throughout the trip. Also, kids can begin asking you about the duration of your trip just about 2 hours into the journey.  Never tell them the actual duration. For example if you still have 2 hours to reach your destination, tell them that you will reach there in 30 minutes, so that they will feel good about it.