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Leather Car Seat Repair Guide: All You Need to Know

leather car seat repair

A lot of drivers opt cars with leather seats for their comfortable feel and luxurious look. However, you should prioritize taking care of these areas, so your interior would look incredible. For car owners having leather seats, it is crucial to plan how you can manage and maintain your leather car seat. Also, if ever your car seats tear or crack, you should have a backup strategy to fix it.

With that, here is a complete guide to follow for your leather car seat repair. That way, you can care for your seats properly.

How to Avoid Cracks and Tears in Your Leather Seats

Can you prevent the tearing apart of leather? Can you avoid its tears? Both damages are easily avoidable. All you need is some helpful tips about maintenance of your leather car seat. Here is some advice you need to take note:

Avoid Direct Exposure to Sunlight

You can use a sun shield installed on your windshield if your car must stay in direct sun exposure for a long time. If you do not have tinted back windshield and side windows, to decrease the intensity of exposure, you need to have window shields or screens. If you must expose the leather car interior to direct sunlight, it may start to crack, and its color may fade away.

Avoid Sharp and Bulky Objects

The most efficient way to avert tears is to take note what things sit on your seats. You should not put heavy tools, sharp things, and pet carriers directly on your seats. Also, you should avoid keeping sharp objects in your pockets, including your car keys. Always remember to put them in the trunk of your vehicle if possible. Also, if you have to place them on the seats, always apply a pad or a cloth to protect your leather seats.

Clean and Maintain Your Seats

using vacuum cleaner

It is also vital to keep the cleanliness and condition of your leather car seats. So, make sure that you vacuum them first. Then, you have to clean them with a gentle cleaner for leather exteriors only. You have to get the job done by applying a leather conditioner. It will help clean the leather seats and prevent tears and cracks.

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How to Repair Cracks and Tears of Leather Seats

Your pets, kids, or guests may tear your seats up anytime. So, when this happens, you need to make sure that you fix it as soon as possible to protect the interior of the seats. Here are some of the ways to repair your leather car seat:

Repair Leather Car Interior Cracks

What You Need to Prepare

  • Warm water
  • Cloth
  • Mild soap
  • Alcohol
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Auto leather repair kit
  • Sandpaper

Get an Auto Leather Repair Kit

If you have cracks in the interior of your car seat, you have to fix it using an auto leather repair kit. You do not need to panic when you plan to purchase one because it is inexpensive. However, ensure that it already contains the leather dye that can match the color your leather seats.

Clean the Seat with Warm Water and Soap

You can start by cleaning your area with mild soap and lukewarm water. Then, you can dry it with a cloth.

Apply Alcohol

Then you can rub your alcohol on the affected areas. Next, you have to wipe the seats dry using your microfiber cloth.

Try Sanding the Cracked Parts

When the leather becomes dry, you need to make the cracked parts smooth using a sandpaper gently. Then, wipe the seats dry once more with the microfiber cloth.

Use the Auto Leather Repair Kit

Furthermore, read the label provided on how to use the auto leather repair kit. You need to open the liquid adhesive. Apply it in the cracks following the instructions slowly. Then, put the leather dye to the damaged areas until they match the rest of the leather seats.

Let the Seats Dry

Lastly, you have to dry the seats completely. You have to make sure that your car is dry and clean before you leave it in your garage. Also, you have to roll the windows up while the seats are starting to dry to prevent the debris from getting in your car.

Repair Leather Car Interior Tears

What You Need to Prepare

  • Thimble
  • Matching leather thread
  • Leader needle
  • A strip of matching leather
  • Sharp scissors
  • Matching leather dye
  • Leather putty

Fix the Tears by Stitching the Edges Together

You need to begin by cutting the threads with scissors loosely. Then, thread the needle and place it on the underside of the leather tip. You have to loop it over the opposite side and draw the needle back through the thread to make a secure knot. Then, press on the needle using a thimble. Stitch the leather evenly. Make small stitches to decrease the appearance of the thread. After doing so, fasten the knot on the underside.

For the Option for Leather Strip Insert

You need to slash off the loose threads on the edges of the leather. Then, put the leather strip over or under the torn area. It is ideal that you apply it under the seats. Also, you need to utilize the stitching strategy atop to make a knot. Then, you need to create small stitches to have an even look.

Also, you can use a liquid leather adhesive as a counterpart of the thread and needle. If there are still holes after finishing, you can fill them using the leather putty. Next, cover them with leather dye is possible to match the color to your seats.

Repair the Tears Using an Adhesive

You need to put the pieces of leather under the tears. Then, position them carefully. Brush the glue around the corners of the tears. Then, push them into the leather strip correctly. Smooth out any uneven surfaces using sandpaper. Then, wipe off the residual adhesive with a wet cloth. Next, dry the seats using a microfiber cloth. For gaps, you must place leather putty in them and put leather dye to the affected parts.

You can watch more this video:

Fix Leather Car Interior Holes

Use a Piece of Leather to Patch Holes

Another important thing to take note is repairing the holes in your leather seats. They may be in forms of cigarette burns or punctures. But, this type of repair is easier than fixing tears and cracks. All you have to do is to find pieces of leather to make them as patches for large holes.

Look for a Piece of Leather

For the patch method, you can use a piece of leather that may match your car seat. Then, slice it into a small piece that can fit the hole. Get your leather adhesive to secure it. Allow it to dry for a few hours before you can use the seat again.

Find a Liquid Leather Product

For the liquid leather repair, you need to purchase a liquid leather product. So, you need to search for matching dye to use for the seat. All you have to do is to follow the manual to apply the auto leather repair. Also, you can use a leather conditioner, if needed.

Tips on Repairing Leather Car Seats

Here are some expert tips to follow to fix the cracked or torn leather car seats:

Determine the Type of Leather

To achieve the best car seat repair, you should know the type of leather your seats have. Some car seats have finished leather that makes it convenient to clean and maintain; some cars have suede or vinyl materials. On the other hand, they are hard to repair and clean.

Know the Color of Your Seats

Do not think that having black leather seats will be easy to find seat leather dye. You need to understand that there are various shades of black. So, you need to determine the hues of your leather so that you can buy the right color of leather for your seats.

Keep the Car Seats Clean

By cleaning them, you can make sure that your tasks do not end up disastrous. You can use a sandpaper or solvent to clean the debris and to get rid of the coating. You have to smoothen the ragged tips by cutting the extra pieces.

Protect the Leather Car Seat

When you secure your car seat, you can avoid further destruction of the cracks and tears. Also, it will make sure that the leader becomes durable. So, you have to put the coating on the entire affected areas and allow it to dry completely.


By now, you must have already realized that you can fix the damages of your car seats. However, you need to do it as soon as you can before further destructions happen. For an efficient leather car seat repair, you must follow the ways suggested above. But, if the tears and cracks are too severe for DIY fixes, it is time to seek professional repair or replace your leather car seat.