The game-changing laser marking machine in the automotive industry

Have you ever had a closer look at your car? You will notice most parts and components labeled with different number codes. The serial numbers or alphanumeric numbers play a vital role in the automotive industry. The numbers help in the traceability and identification of the motor vehicle parts. Ever imagined how these numbers are engraved? This is where auto marking machines come into play serving a crucial role in the automotive industry.

The manufacturing process of any vehicle must involve labeling of necessary vehicle parts. It is a requirement as per government regulations for quality assurance. The marking is specially engraved to last the lifespan of the vehicle. They resist damage from oil, dust, fuel, grime, and extreme temperatures. A laser etching machine is the common method for engraving vehicles. Here are some of the major vehicle components that require the markings:

  • The engine components: The parts engraved here include the engine block, the camshaft, gear, crankshaft, and the piston cylinders.
  • Fuel system components: Parts engraved include the fuel pump, injectors, radiator, air filter, alternator, spark plugs, and the starter.
  • Bearings, shaft and gear valves
  • Body panels, doors, chassis, and the frame
  • Brake components, wheels, suspension arms, and drive shaft
  • Dashboard, air-conditioning system, cigarette lighter and seat belts
  • Headlights, taillights, fog lamps, and turn signals
  • Airflow sensor, oil pressure, airbag system, and heat control unit

Almost every vehicle component is labeled before any release into the market. The auto marking machines are beneficial in so many ways.

There are usually several marking machines for auto. Some of the common and known marking vehicle marking methods includes electro-corrosion, mold casting, screen printing, stickers, and pneumatic marking. However, most manufacturers have moved from all these methods since the invention of laser marking technology. Laser engraving uses high-energy density laser to create local irradiation of the workpiece. This causes the surface material layer to vaporize without any chemical reaction or color changes. It is a reliable and efficient method of leaving a permanent mark without any changes to the vehicle component.

The laser marking machines work without getting into contact with the component surface. Only the lasers released by the machine get to the surface. There is no pressure applied to the component leaving them in the same state they were before the marking.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of auto laser marking machines.

The advantages of auto marking machines

The laser engraving machines perform everything set out in the automotive industry to perfection. These machines are quite versatile and can mark almost all types of metals. They work pretty fast without using any ink. This means the marks are instant and there is no waiting for the marks to dry as opposed to when ink is used.

The marks created by these machines are usually of high contrast and last the lifespan of the vehicle. Most of these machines feature a small and compact design allowing them to be easily integrated into the assembly line.  The machines feature embedded software that allows one to customize the marking process.  Here are more advantages of laser markers in the automotive industry.

  • The marking process is instant and does not involve any ink. There is a drying required saving time.
  • The laser marks don’t smudge even when in contact with other parts. The marks are long-lasting and will outlast the lifespan of the vehicle parts. This is the opposite of ink which smudges when scrubbing or in contact with other parts.
  • The marking process is very affordable when compared to traditional marking costs. In, fact, the major cost is the purchase of these marking machines.
  • It is also a fast and easy process with most of the marking programmed by computer software. The process of marking is done within the harsh manufacturing environment without any negative effect.
  • The surface upon which the marking is done does not get deformed. It is marked without any internal stress and does not affect any vehicle component.

Overall, laser marking machines are the best when it comes to the automotive industry. They are reliable, efficient and deliver high-quality marks. The marks are usually long-lasting and withstand wear and tear.

A fully integrated laser marking process in the manufacture of vehicle parts leads to precision marking. It greatly improves efficiency while reducing the general costs of production.

Steven K. Galloway