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Popping Noise When Turning Your Vehicle: All You Need to Know

popping noise when turning

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A popping noise when turning your vehicle is quite disturbing. That is something that you don’t want to hear whenever you are on the road or while traveling great distances. It could send shivers down your spine and panic in your head.

Are these sounds dangerous? Should they alarm you? Well, the answer is a big, fat yes. As you can see, this problem might have originated on the steering system of your car. You might hear the sound from the wheels, but there is a good chance that the culprit is not there at all.

Any unusual sound that your vehicle emits should worry you. After all, your car is made to operate smoothly and silently. These popping or clicking noises that you can detect on your wheels are not normal at all. You should already take your ride to a repair shop for a quick diagnosis and inspection.

The Steering System

Despite the fact that you can hear the noises in the wheels, the latter is not the source. Car mechanics would instantly check the steering system of the vehicle once you complain about these unwanted sounds. The primary function of the steering system is to control the movement of the wheel in a way that you can swivel it on the road.

This system is quite complicated. It possesses a lot of parts (which most of them are moving). If any of these components would suffer from complications, they would eventually produce those disconcerting sounds, especially when you are turning or accelerating.

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Causes for the Popping Noise When Turning

Multiple perpetrators can cause the popping or clicking noises in your steering system. Therefore, it is quite hard to determine which one is the cause unless you have a professional mechanic to check your vehicle. But on the surface, the following should be the chief causes of these cacophonous voices produced by your car.

Broken CV Joint

It is notable that the popping or clicking sounds from your steering system are due to a damaged CV joint. Correctly, the CV joint (or the Constant Velocity joint) serves as the wrist of the steering system. The joint is near the front axle. That allows the shaft to have the appropriate flexibility for it to control the suspension and the wheels.

Broken CV Joint

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If the CV joint becomes faulty or damaged, the versatility of the axle would be stripped out. As a result, the clicking noises will start to emerge.

Faulty Struts

Take note that the struts are crucial components of the suspension system of your vehicle. They work hand-in-hand with the spring coils in absorbing any incoming shocks. They also aid the suspension system to tackle the impacts of off-road riding. Without this mechanism, the cabin and frame of your car would suffer.

Faulty Struts

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When the struts are excessively damaged, the entire suspension system would be impaired. Although it is true that there is still some impact-negating effects that are generated by the spring coils, they are still not enough. Aside from producing those weird noises, a set of bad struts is deleterious to your vehicle.

Unattached Hubcaps

The lug nut of the steering system has hubcaps on them. When they are loose, the hubcaps will eventually shake and wiggle, especially if you are cranking the acceleration of your vehicle. Of course, these movements create the popping noises whenever you are driving. However, it is quite difficult to hear these rattling sounds while you are inside your car. You can only notice them once a fellow driver would tell you.

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Inflated Tires

Inflated Tires

Photo Source: https://www.willenslaw.com/the-risks-of-driving-with-under-inflated-tires/

When the tires of your vehicles don’t have a similar inflation volume, there is a tendency that the wheels will generate unwarranted noises while you are hitting the road. The fix for this is quite simple. You just have to ensure that your tires have similar specs and designs. Moreover, make sure that the tires get inflated at the same and appropriate pressure. Old tires should be replaced, too.


You should get alarmed when there is a popping noise when turning your vehicle. It is a sign that tells you that your vehicle is suffering from serious internal damages. If you persist in driving your car that exhibiting such symptoms, your safety on the road will never be guaranteed.

Further damages could happen if you left these problems unattended. Once you can notice that your vehicle is generating bizarre noises, you should visit your trusted mechanic as soon as possible.

Steven K. Galloway