VIP Auto Lease of NY Breaks All Leasing Price Barriers

12/12/2020 VIP Auto Group announces it will break all restrictive barriers once know in the car leasing industry.

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Whenever you shop for a new ride, one major concern will be about getting the best bargain. You certainly love to go to that dealer that could offer the best lease deal. The VIP Auto Group, a well known NY area car lease company, has set out to revolutionize the industry. Forget about spending hours negotiating with the leasing broker, obtaining the best lease deal on a new car doesn’t equate to mean hours of stressful negotiating- anymore. If you take a quick look at the VIP Auto Lease NY website, you will see their “No Haggling” and “Guaranteed best price on any make or model” promise. This deadly one-two punch simply means that now any potential client seeking a lease in the New York City area has a one-two punch like no other.

VIP Auto Amazing Lease Discount Prices

VIP Auto Groups Daniel R. was quoted as saying, “one thing that is constant in visiting most bluffy car lease dealers is the feeling of being haggled and forced into something that you don’t want for a price that you aren’t willing to pay. You definitely don’t have to experience such feelings ever again. With the VIP Auto Lease group, their new slash on lease prices opens up the best lease deal opportunity you can’t get anywhere else”.

At VIP Auto Lease, you’re guaranteed of the best bargain at a haggle-free cost. The Auto Lease group is determined to offer its teaming customers the best lease deals that are second to none. The ever-friendly Auto Lease group doesn’t provide an excellent lease discount on any particular car brand. However, the group’s special slashed lease prices cover all car brands offered by the VIP Auto group. What’s stopping you from walking through the doors of the best leasing company and getting the car of your dreams for the price you are willing to pay? Get in touch with the group and get the assistance you will need for your car leasing and car purchase or financing.

How Possible Is This?

If you are surprised as to the possibility of such mind-blowing offer, perhaps, a little info about the fantastic Auto group will help you see how so the whys and the possibility behind the genuine offer that the VIP Auto group has provided to make getting a new ride quite easy and very much feasible.

The VIP Auto group inc was established initially as an Automobile Leasing brokerage serving the Tri-State Area. But with it’s buying power, it’s now serving clients nationwide and delivering the car to their door-step.

Market Advantage

One striking fact about the VIP Auto group is its longevity. The Auto group has been in the car leasing business for over 15 years. Over these years, they have developed a reliable dealer and bank relationship that no other leasing company can boast of. More so, the group’s ability to fulfill the needs of buyers all over the world, leasing numerous cars from the high brow luxurious cars like Rolls, Bentley, Lambo, Aston Martin, BMW, Benz, to the every average class rides.

VIP Auto is affiliated with many new car dealers spread across the nation, including lease dealers in New Jersey and Miami. The steady daily analysis of inventory and pricing aids in determining the best deals on all new vehicles. The group provides the best factory prices and buy rates, which are the best on all makes and models available at the company.

The low prices, flavored by the best understanding and friendly staff at the VIP Auto group, are already creating a buzz at the auto lease circle. The group still stands on its mission statement, “Why pay high dealer prices, when you can get your cars below wholesale. The group was established with the customer in mind. No haggling, no pushy sales clerk, and best of all, No worries. We guarantee our customers the lowest lease rates possible, with the service they deserve.”

Any Specific Car Brand?

Let me reiterate what I have said, and of course, you probably already know, VIP Auto Group offers the least deal rates in the whole of the US. Not just the lowest lease deals, but also comes with no headaches, no need for unsolicited bargaining, lesser paperwork requirement, and speedy approval. Just point your choice brand and model, and you have at your garage instantly. Well, that sounds like magic, right?

So if you’re asking what brand and make we have to offer, the answer is all brand! Yes, all brand models and makes. Our best bargain lease deals cover all any car model you can think of, from the ever average price cars to the high-end luxury brands, we are here for you. Be it a Nissan, Volkswagen, Jeep, Ram, GMC, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, and so much more, we are your one-stop best auto lease dealer.

So what exactly are you looking for? From the average reliable cars to the luxury brands, “, we can service all your needs, any make, and model, but definitely with a smile.” Take your time and make your choice; our sales clerks are friendly and have the reputation of never enforcing any brand or model on customers. Pick your car, and let us have it at your driveway in the shortest possible time.

Customer Reviews

Need more convincing? Peruse through testimonies from our customers.

“Excellent service… The best deal around… they even delivered the car to my house.” Lisa LaPorta.

J M has this to say about us, “Service was impeccable. I have been leasing cars for over 25 years, and NO-ONE has ever come close to the professional service and expertise as you guys. You guys blew my mind with your honesty and integrity that no one in this industry comes close to. Exceeded my expectations!! Orhan and Max, you went above and beyond, responded to my texts within seconds!! Thank you for everything.”

Steven K. Galloway